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sugar daddy

Tips for Finding a Sugar Daddy

Having a sugar daddy is a great way of getting some money to meet your needs as well as some experience in life. It can also be quite exciting. If you are looking for a sugar daddy here are some tips to help you in finding one.
Know what you are looking for
Knowing the type of man you are looking for helps you to narrow down the search and also be clearer to him about your needs right from the relationship’s beginning. The best way to go about this is to make a list of the qualities he should possess such as age, marital status and time he has for you. The list should also include your financial needs such as rent, clothing and holidays.
Check out sugar daddy websites
Once you are clear about the kind of sugar daddy that you need the next step is to join a sugar daddy website. Even though there are some free such websites, a majority of them charge membership fees. It is advisable to be a member of more than two websites to increase your chances of getting a sugar daddy that meets your specifications. Post on your profile appealing photographs of yourself but don’t be too provocative as your potential sugar daddies might stop taking you seriously.

Ask friends

sugar daddy

sugar daddy

There is nothing to be ashamed about having a sugar daddy. So, if you really need one don’t shy away from asking your close friends to help you get one. You don’t need to be direct about it. For instance, instead of saying you need a sugar daddy you could say you need an older and wealthy boyfriend. The great thing about using friends to get a sugar daddy is that they know you well and will, therefore, find for you someone they believe you will have a great

relationship with.

Frequent places you are likely to meet rich men
Rich men are likely to be found in places such as golf courses, operas, expensive hotels, art galleries and museums. Visiting some of these places might be expensive but given the financial rewards of having a sugar daddy, the sacrifice is definitely worth it. When visiting these places, it is important that you dress up nicely to impress and not to provoke to avoid negative judgments about your character from potential sugar daddies.
Hopefully these tips will help you find a sugar daddy of your dreams. Don’t get frustrated when you try them for a few days and fail to get one. While some lucky women get the sugar daddy they are looking for within a week or two, for many it takes many months before they get one. You should, therefore, be persistent in our search.