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I am Sugar Baby – Story of a Sugar Baby

Benefits of I Am Sugar Baby

In this age and time being a sugar baby is no longer a position as many might think it is. The dating industry is slowly changing as sugar babies, and sugar daddies no longer have time for the tradition dating; instead they only have time for relationships that suit their lifestyle. Young women visit online dating sites to seek arranged relationships that will benefit them in life. There are various benefits of I am sugar baby. Some of the advantages are listed below.

I am Sugar Baby

I am Sugar Baby

Benefits of I am sugar Baby

• Have a clean break up: the advantage of I am sugar baby is that they call off the relationship any time without having any hostile effects on themselves.
• An honest arrangement: the other benefit is that both parties know what they want in the relationship, because of the agreement, rules and regulations are clear. The relationship has an expiry date so there no need to lie.
• Mutual beneficial: the relationship has mutual benefit, as both partners benefit from it whether it is a financial or sexual interest.
• Economic interest: I am sugar baby has an added advantage of all their financial bills being settled by a sugar daddy. They do not need to work.
With a big number of young women entering arranged relationship, the lifestyle is becoming more popular in the world. I am sugar baby must be very careful when looking for a potential sugar daddy. Below are signs of an abusive sugar daddy.

I am Sugar Baby Abusive signs

1. He objects a sugar baby from having a job: I am a sugar baby will know if a sugar daddy is controlling when they object them from having a job. A sugar baby should be aware that a sugar daddy who does not support them to work wants to monitor their income so that they can stick with them.
2. An abusive sugar daddy will not let a sugar baby go anywhere without them. I am sugar baby should have knowledge that a sugar daddy may appear very caring instead they are rooted in insecurity and jealousy.
3. He controls a sugar baby’s fashion style: an abusive sugar daddy will tell a sugar baby what to put on, how to style their hair and also controls everything about a sugar baby.
Sugar babies and sugar daddies are known to be cash rich but time poor. Most of them are in an arranged relationship for beneficial purposes. On the other hand, the relationships have some disadvantages.

I am Sugar Baby Disadvantages

• Leading secretive: a sugar baby’s life can be very secretive especially when a sugar daddy has a family and children. A sugar baby may be uncomfortable introducing their sugar daddy.
• The arranged relationship may not be permanent, and a sugar daddy can call off the relationship.
• Control over time: most sugar daddies are very busy, and they will squeeze their sugar babies in their time.
A sugar baby can visit any online dating sites and have an arranged relationship with a potential sugar daddy.