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Sugar Baby travel

Sugar Baby Travel Guidelines


Being a sugar baby comes packed with a load of perks. From designer clothes; fancy dinners, luxury cars and monthly allowances, it couldn’t get better with the beauty of exploring the world with a classy gentleman who is only interested in taking care of you. Sugar baby travel benefits expose you to first class flights, breath-taking sites, upscale hotels and more. However, before taking the tour to meet the rich man, there are few things you must consider in sugar baby travel.

Plan your Sugar Baby Travel Finances

sugar baby travel

sugar baby travel

The moment you get an invite to travel for a date, it is first important to figure out all the expected travel expenses. Focus on the following essentials:

• Flight expenses
• Your taxi ride from your residence to the airport
• Taxi ride from the airport to the agreed upon hotel
• Hotel expenses for the duration you plan to stay

Once you have summed up the amount, ask your ideal sugar daddy to send the full amount beforehand. Having these expenses covered before your sugar baby travel is necessary for two reasons. First, you are sure you will not incur losses by having to cover the costs should your sugar daddy fail to turn up. Also, it shows you are dealing with someone worth travelling for. If he genuinely has the interest of engaging in a sugar relationship, he will work hard to ensure you are comfortable.

A sugar baby travel is about having fun, relaxation and immeasurable comfort. Be sure to pack lightly to avoid crowding the hotel room. Remember to bring along your favourite lingerie, accessories, fragrance and swim suits. Once there, be jovial, kind, and grateful.

What are your Non-Negotiables in your Sugar Baby Travel?


Remember you are travelling to a city you may never have been to and probably don’t know anyone there. For him, it could be for business, while for you, it may be quite inconvenient in that it may involve taking time off a busy schedule. Travelling to meet him is not just a favour but a risk too, so never agree to meet up at his home.

After getting the funds, it’s time to do a background check on your sugar daddy. Gather more information than on his online profile. If he has the willingness to fund you, he should not have a problem assuring you he is an upright member of the society who can be trusted. Asking what his full names are and where he works will help you to determine his credibility. With his full names, look up for him on social media sites. What does he share? Once you are confident you can trust him, let a friend know where you intend to travel to for safety reasons. It is also vital to keep in touch with the friend every once in a while when you arrive at your destination.