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Sugar Baby rates

Getting reasonable sugar baby rates

When asking for sugar baby rates, a variety of factors comes into play. While some may peg their rates on looks, age, sizes or other attributes, it is important to note that a human being is priceless. It is highly advisable only to negotiate sugar baby rates only after you have laid on the table your expectations, needs and desires. You should also set boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not.

Negotiating sugar baby rates

sugar baby rates

sugar baby rates

Just like any other type of business, deciding sugar baby rates is a negotiation. Therefore, the ones who have mastered the art of negotiation get the better sugar baby rates. However, while the sugar baby holds the cards in this game, only the man knows his financial situation. Thus, it is good idea to wait for him to propose an offer and then start negotiating from there. This sends him a message that you are not desperate and more interested in an arrangement that works both ways rather than money. While it is advisable to compromise if the situation is right, it is also wise to trust your gut instincts and walk away if the offer does not fit with you moral standings and values.

While many of the sugar daddies will give you money to go and pamper yourself, they will most likely be generous if they see you have a plan to grow yourself. For example, while on a date with a sugar daddy ask for money to start a business, tuition, or anything across those lines and you will likely get more than you are asking for. The sugar daddy in this situation sees himself more as a financier for a reasonable cause, even though you may use the money in other ways.

Sugar baby rates and terms of arrangement

How much sugar baby rates you earn will most probably depend on the terms of the arrangements you make with your sugar daddy. For example, the number of times you spend together, the boundaries set, how much travel is expected, the clothes you wear among others. If the sugar daddy is a very wealthy man, he may be able to take care of most of your expenses. However, in some situations, you may have to compromise and take care of some of the expenses if he is not so rich. Furthermore, you may decide to split your time and date many sugar daddies. While this may translate to bigger sugar baby rates, you will have to smart enough to balance your time and be able to satisfy all of their different and demanding egos.