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Sugar Baby Qualities

Sugar Baby Qualities

Sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships can be quite gratifying to both parties. While some people take to them like a duck to water, for some it can be quite difficult. This is because the men might lack the qualities to make them good sugar daddies while a woman might also lack the right sugar baby qualities.
Confidence is Key among Sugar Baby Qualities
One of the foremost sugar baby qualities a sugar baby should have is confidence. Having confidence in yourself should not be limited to when you are around your sugar daddy but to everyone around you. It is good to know your weaknesses and strengths so that you can highlight your capabilities and downplay your weaknesses.
Sense of Humor
Also among the sugar baby qualities is the ability to laugh. Laughing is good for the soul and is known to release endorphins, setting us at ease. Unlike what most people think, men do not like women who are aloof or unintelligent. You should be interesting, funny and engaging in your interaction with them. If you have a positive and outgoing personality the sugar daddy will respond in a positively.

sugar baby qualities

sugar baby qualities – the do’s and dont’s

Intelligence as one of the Sugar Baby Qualities

Intelligence on the part of the sugar baby is also a good quality and you should talk about the things in your area of expertise. You can be passionate without offending anyone. In case there is something you do not know or are not sure about, you can ask questions instead of talking about topics that are not in your area of expertise. When you ask questions you look like you want to know about new things.
You should Like Men’s Company
Body language is an important aspect of any relationship and some women shrink when touched, curl their lips in a negative way, or are generally disgusted or uncomfortable when around men. These types of behaviors put off men as they interpret them to mean that you do not enjoy their company. If you display such behaviors, you should start showing better sugar baby qualities such as leaning towards the men to listen, keeping eye contact, smiling with the mouth, eyes and the voice. You should show them that you are there out of your own volition. This will show them that you have truly had a good time.

Vulnerability as one of the Sugar Baby Qualities

Unknown to most women, men actually like it that you have a soft and caring side to you. Vulnerability is among the key sugar baby qualities as well. While some vulnerability is encouraged, you should not always look like the sky is about to fall on your head. You should never use baby talk as well because he is not a small child. Being babyish or whiny is very different from being vulnerable, soft and kind.