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Is Sugar Baby prostitution – the truth

Is Sugar Baby Prostitution?

This is the million dollar question, is sugar baby prostitution? And the answer to that is simple, NO. Prostitution is significantly easier and less rewarding that being a sugar baby. We will need to explain what both prostitution and sugar baby involve so that we can be able to answer the question “is sugar baby prostitution?” The simplest definition of what a prostitute does is basically trade sex for money.

Is Sugar Baby prostitution

Is Sugar Baby prostitution

So a prostitute will have sex with someone who in turn will give them money. For the sugar baby, the simplest definition is someone who will keep a sugar daddy company in exchange for gifts and money. But the company is not about the sex if fact some sugar babies and sugar daddies never even have sex.

So is sugar baby prostitution? – the answer

The answer to that lies in the differences between companionship and sex. Sex is what a prostitute deals in, and this is very simple. If I have to explain what sex is, then you should not be reading this article… go catch up on your reading kid; school is important. On a more serious note, the prostitute will probably only spend a few hours with her customer, and then they part ways. The customer may come back, but it will be about the sex or things that are limited to sex. This is regardless of the fetishes that will be involved in the exchange between a prostitute and her customer. From this is sugar baby prostitution and the answer to that is still no. So is sugar baby prostitution by this example, no it is not.
On the other hand, to answer is sugar baby prostitution the companionship aspect of the relationship is key. For a sugar baby and her sugar daddy, they do more than just have sex or they may even not bother with the sex part. This is because most of it is about the company. A sugar daddy knows the difference between a prostitute and a sugar baby, and he has chosen to have sugar baby. So the question is sugar baby prostitution has sugar daddy not only answering no, but he will also decide to pick having a sugar baby instead of a prostitute. The sugar baby will stick with her sugar daddy for considerably longer than a few hours. And their interactions will not be restricted to the bedroom and about sexual matters. It is not rare to see them traveling together, meeting for means and even doing simple things such as taking walks. In this case, it is obvious that the question, “is sugar baby prostitution” gets a no.

Is Sugar Baby Prostitution – Conclusion

Of course, you can say that a sugar baby is a prostitute in the same way everyone who does anything for money is a prostitute but this just means that everyone will be considered a prostitute. With this logic “is sugar baby prostitution?” and the answer is yes but “is every job prostitution?” is also yes.