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Sugar Baby profile

Today we are going to be discussing all the things that you can do to get your sugar baby profile noticed and tips on how to create the perfect sugar baby profile. Whether it is your profile on social media or your sugar baby profile on a dating site specifically for sugar daddies and sugar babies then we have got some top notch advice for you.


Creating Your Sugar Baby Profile

Creating your sugar baby profile is the most important step in finding your perfect sugar daddy. The first thing you need to think about is choosing a name which entices men to look at you. For example if you are called Christina, choose something like Chrissy which has a little more sex appeal to it. Once you have entered your age and your name, the next step is a picture.
The picture is also really important on your sugar baby profile and you should make sure that it offers either a portrait view of your face or a body shot. Don’t go putting up half naked pictures because this won’t leave the men guessing and that is exactly what you need to do, leave them guessing.

Sugar baby profile

Sugar Baby Profile – About Me

On your sugar baby profile there will always be somewhere where you can fill in an about me section. It pays to be honest and it will get your sugar baby profile more views. Here is one we found which we thought was great.
“I love to travel, I am young and fun and take the world as it comes. Even though I am only 26 years old I have had enough experience to know what I am looking for. I enjoy drinking cocktails and my favorite drink has to be white wine. I take pride in my looks and my upkeep and make sure I visit the gym, the salon and the nail bar regularly. I am looking for a sugar daddy that can spend time with me when he is not working and well, we can keep each other company. I like men who are intelligent as I like a good conversation on serious issues like politics or religion. I will stand by my man and make sure I make him proud. I love to cook and I do so with only an apron on! If you think you could have a good time with me then send me a message, it would be great to get to know one another.”
We chose this description as our favorite because it tells us a lot about the person in question without being too forward or over the top.

Sugar baby profile

Sugar Baby Profile – Extra Interesting Points
Another trick of the trade to get people looking at your sugar baby profile longer is to add something interesting. We actually saw a sugar baby profile which we thought was fun, intriguing and wanted us to ask more questions.
“I am a February baby and that gives me lots of different traits. Did you know that women born in February are frank and like to tell the truth? Did you know that women born in February are some of the most original women around? I bet you didn’t know that women in February are mysterious? I am all of these things and even more. Did you know that women born in February are unique and innovating? That is me. Did you know that women born in February have a strong will-power, I always get what I want. Last of all did you know that women born in the month of February are devoting to their partner? I am all of this and I am proud to prove my strength, my devotion and my uniqueness to those who want to see it.”
This type of sugar baby profile interacted with the person reading it and it makes the reader sure of who they are, describing who they are through using facts like astrology sign traits and so on. Try something like this as this could spark a lot of interest.

Sugar baby profile

What Not To do When Creating Your Sugar Baby Profile
There is a list of things which one shouldn’t add on their sugar baby profile. You shouldn’t talk about previous relationships, family, children or anything of that sort. Sugar daddies are interested in you and you alone. Don’t make out that you have a low IQ because business men like a woman who is intelligent and sexy at the same time. Definitely don’t be forward and offer sex or write how good you are in bed as this can actually put men off you. Try to be modest, humble, naive and innocent but still strong and independent.
Don’t go making a list of all the good things about you but try to say something like, I like men who can take care of me but I also like to return that favor and be the perfect companion. This statement says that you need something but offer something too.

Sugar baby profile

Spreading and Sharing Your Sugar Baby Profile
If you want more men to see your sugar baby profile then you should share it on social media. Try to get as many views as you can and add links to various forums or places that you comment on. You never know who will stumble across it. Reach out to a wider group of people and not just the ones on the dating site for example. It is actually in most cases that people find one another this way. Many sugar daddies don’t consider themselves a sugar daddy until they accidentally come across a comment under a Youtube video of a stunning women who has linked up her comment with a dating site.

Sugar baby profile

How Honest Should I be on My Sugar Baby Profile
Being honest is important because as you wouldn’t like to be mislead neither would others. You can exaggerate on minor things like what you like and don’t like but don’t go saying you are twenty when you are thirty. This could lead to disappointment on both ends. It is possible that if you don’t eat healthy and like a lot of junk food, which can be a little disgusting to read about, say you watch your weight but like to indulge in good food. Saying you are a virgin when you aren’t is also a big ed mark. A lot of sugar babies end up alone on their sofa through harmless statements like this but they could actually make or break a relationship.


Ask Questions on Your Sugar Baby Profile
Try asking questions on your profile and ask people to give you feedback. This is a really good way to get people talking to you and chatting you up. We found this one sugar baby profile which we thought hit the spot in this area of being interactive.
“I love to dance and take pride in my moves. Maybe I can show you some or you can show me. Drop me a message and tell me your hobbies because we might have something in common. I like vintage cars and antiques, do you have one? Please send me a picture, this is a favorite pastime of mine. I am not going to be straight and ask if you are good in bed but can you work magic on me? I don’t smoke or drink, do you? There are so many things about which I can’t fit into two or three sentences but maybe we could message either other and find out more about one another.”
This description is inviting men to chat just for fun and to get to know one another. There is nothing serious about it and this is a trick which sugar babies use to get the men talking. Some sugar daddies are shy, some are doing this for the first time and some just don’t know how to start a conversation. By giving them the opening, it is down to them.


Bringing Your Sugar Baby Profile To an End
Once you have updated all your details and pictures all you need to do is sit back and wait for the messages to start coming in. If you don’t think your profile is working its magic then update it every now and then and constantly add a new profile picture. You don’t want someone seeing a picture of you with blonde hair when you have turned brunette do you?
The most important thing is to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously because this could lead to disappointment. Get to know one another before taking things further and keep your options open. Be active and reply to messages as soon as possible and sugar daddies can then see you are serious.
If you want to add personal information like a phone number then that is up to you. We don’t recommend putting out such details for everyone to see, it is safer if you message them to the sugar daddies after you have talked for a while. Last but not least don’t forget to NOT add any pictures of your pet cat or dog. This is really annoying when you do this and people have to ask for a picture of you. If you don’t want to show your face the do a side picture, a back picture or a picture where your hair is blowing in the wind and your features can’t be seen.
Have fun and good luck in finding your perfect match!