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Sugar Baby Photos – Impress the Sugar Daddy

The Dos and Don’ts of Sugar Baby Photos

The ratio of sugar babies to rich men is not favourable to ladies as there are more girls than daddies. As a result, you need to post stunning sugar baby photos if you wish to get the attention of the few sugar daddies available. So what are the dos and don’ts of sugar baby photos on your profile?

Sugar Baby Photos

Clarity in Sugar Baby Photos is Nonnegotiable

The top reason a sugar dad may want to initiate an arrangement with you is your stunning looks. Therefore, the sugar baby photos on your profile have to be crystal clear so that he can make quick decisions regarding the next move. If your images are unclear, a potential sugar daddy will simply move on to the numerous other girls whose images have no ambiguities.

Look Respectable in your Sugar Baby Photos

Sugar dating is different from escort services because the former does not have to involve sexual intercourse. Your sugar baby photos should, as a result, make you appear respectable. Lingerie, swimsuits and other revealing attire will make you appear slutty, and that will attract the type of men who will suggest paying you for sexual favours. Remember that you want a man to make your financial dream a reality, not a relationship that will last a night or two.

Steer Clear of Filters or Other Modifications in your Sugar Baby Photos

Modern technology can make alterations to images that will seem real. They include waist shrinking apps, filters, Photoshop and light manipulators. Avoid them totally because they will present an impression that is totally different from your actual appearance. Their use in sugar baby photos may attract a high number of interested daddies, but you will encounter adverse consequences once you meet the rich men in person.

Use Head and Full Body Shots

You can include all sorts of sugar baby photos on your profile, but make sure to use head and full body shots. As much as full body shots are uncomfortable, they are essential because you will increase your chances of finding a potential sugar daddy. While you don’t have to wear a bikini when taking the full body shot, allowing potential suitors to get a glimpse of what you have in store is not a bad idea.

Only Use Recent Photos

Many sugar girls err by using images that were taken a decade ago when their looks were finest. Such a gesture can only work against your advantage because the sugar daddy will note the difference when you meet. The use of a recent photo is a sign of honesty, and though you will be competing with younger girls whose looks are at their prime, you will certainly land a sugar daddy who will appreciate your honesty. Besides, sugar daddies are diverse in their requirements, meaning that your age could be perfect for someone out there.