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Sugar Baby Income – Explanation

Sugar Baby Income – Introduction

If you want to be making some money on the side and you also happen to be pretty and young, this is the article for you. Here I will explain to you the typical sugar baby income if you want to make that sweet cash. Firstly, a sugar baby is simply the companion to a sugar daddy who is in it for the money, experience, travel, and even to get to meet new people, but it is mostly for the money.

Sugar Baby Income

Sugar Baby Income

Most people mistakenly make the assumption that the sugar baby income in gotten through sex and such, but this is mostly wrong. To make a good income as a sugar baby it is crucial that you understand that it is always more than just sex, we call that prostitution and a sugar baby’s job is bigger and more rewarding than that.

Sugar Baby income is higher than expected

A sugar baby income is obtained by providing good or more accurately, the best companionship a sugar daddy may want. Companionship may include sex, but it is rarely about sex alone. As stated above for one to have a good sugar baby income, you must be more than just a mere sex object. Sugar daddies in most instances are simply seeking your company as a means of escaping the confines of their normal, stressful and boring lives. You are their escape from that life and thinking otherwise is a guarantee for a low or even non-existent sugar baby income. This means that to be a successful sugar baby, you must at the very least be intelligent enough to hold an interesting conversation with the sugar daddy.

Now, most of the sugar daddies are rich and that rarely if ever happens with stupid people. So, if you want to hold their interest and have them be more generous, you must be able to engage in intellectual conversations ranging from finance to sports with ease. Otherwise, you will bore them quickly and be tossed aside, or worse; you may not even get their attention at all. Needless to say, everything must be done in moderation; you cannot appear to be challenging them in any way. They are there for easy and fun interactions not heated challenging stressing them out. If they wanted that, they would have stayed in their work or homes.
The girls who follow these instructions often have surprising sugar baby income levels. In fact, some have even claimed to be making more than doctors in terms of total income including the cash, gifts and even trips that they get in a short period. So if you are interested in making a good sugar baby income, you should be ready to follow the guidelines. Getting in this field thinking that it will be as easy as having sex will not give you any sugar baby income at all. The only way to make a good sugar baby income is by being interesting and being good company.