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Is It Ok To Call Your Partner Sugar Baby Honey?

There are many affectionate names which you can call your partner, but is sugar babe honey really the best one to use? For whilst sugar babe honey can have a term of affection behind it, it can also have a condescending ring behind it; especially when one considers the fact that you have both met through the sugar daddy dating scene.

Sugar Baby Honey

This would be the equivalent of calling someone your pub girl or swimmer lad; i.e. naming them after the locations where you first happened to meet each other. And the trouble with calling your sugar babe honey that particular name is that whilst your partner may externally act pleased by the nickname that you have come up with (in order to not upset you) deep down he or she may find it slightly derogatory.

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And if the psychology of relationships has shown us anything, it is that any relationship cannot grow into a positive, happy relationship where one party is causing the other to secretly resent the other one. As such, to call your partner sugar babe honey could be derogatory for him or her. Besides which, the name in itself implies that you are compartmentalizing your partner into one particular area of your life. Hence therefore you could have other romantic partners in different areas of your life as well, such as at work, at the gym, etc.

Although this might sound far-fetched to you, do remember that whilst you are perfectly aware of what the term sugar babe honey means to you when you call your partner it, to him or her, the term sugar babe honey may have an entirely different meaning. And if your relationship is in the early stages, where you still both getting to know each other and therefore not wanting to upset one another, then your partner may secretly be resenting being called that, whilst keeping a superficial smile on his (or her) face. This can result in problems down the line however.

Am I therefore saying that you shouldn’t call your partner sugar baby honey? Well not quite but what I am suggesting however is that you may wish to hold off from calling him (or her) sugar babe honey until the relationship has progressed a bit. Furthermore, you probably want to outline from the outset to your partner if it is ok to call your partner sugar babe honey, and to obviously call her that if she or he agrees.

Also, it is worthwhile to regularly check up with your partner if they are still okay with been called that name. Hope this is ok.