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sugar baby and heels

sugar baby and heels – The quick guide to sugar baby and heels

The sugar baby and heels go together like honey on toast. The sugar baby just has to wear heels. and we mean, all the time! Below we explain the importance of sugar baby and heels for creating the right look, the perfect heel for both daytime and nightlife looks, and how to be confident when wearing heels. Sugar babes have to learn to love their high heels!

The importance of the sugar baby and heels

As we have already said, the sugar baby and heels really are a match made in heaven, but why is this? Well, the simple fact is that the high heel always elongates the leg giving the leg a longer and more leaner appearance. It also pushes the heel of the foot, up from the floor, which helps to produce a different posture, One that is more confident and which pushes the breads forward. When a sugar baby wears high heels she instantly appears more sexy and taller.

sugar baby and heels

sugar baby and heels

The sugar baby and heels – the daytime look

Sugar babes need to wear heels all of the time, and this means even with jeans when doing the grocery shopping. You can however be a little more conservative when wearing heels during the daytime. For the ultimate sugar baby and heels daytime look, go for a slightly lower heel and a more sturdy type of shoe, such as a cute raised pump or sandal with a heel. Stilettos are best kept for fabulous nighttimes.

The sugar baby and heels – the evening look

This is when the fun really starts. For the perfect sugar baby and heels nighttime look, you have to wear the classic stiletto. This will instantly set you apart from the other women in the room, elevating you to that of an important sugar baby. The great news is that there are many styles and colours to choose when wearing the stiletto. Don’t always go for the black option. Shiny, glittery and metallic stilettos will also look wonderful, and as for the classic clear heel, well, that will make you look as if you are walking on air.

Be confident in heels

What you need to remember when wearing heels is to be confident. This is your number one priority. When you feel confident you will automatically look sexy and sophisticated. If you are not used to wearing very high heels then practice, and practice some more. They really will become your new best friend and you’ll soon be wearing then as easily as a pair of your favourite slippers.