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Sugar Baby Hair

Sugar Baby Hair
To become the ultimate Sugar Babe you need to have Sugar Baby hair. It’s no good having that drop dead gorgeous outfit and stunning figure, if your hair is bland and boring. Below we explore the many Sugar Baby hair trends and styles that will be popular this coming year.
Sugar Baby Hair

Sugar Baby hair with the natural blended fringe

One of the most easiest styles to pull off, is that of the blended fringe. This Sugar Baby hair style suits all face shapes and more importantly, makes you look years younger! The blended fringe is also extremely flattering as it smooths away any jagged lines giving a more youthful appearance. This style is suitable for most hair types, although it is not for those Sugar Babes who have very curly hair. It can be worn as a casual look, when popping outfor coffee or at a more formal event.

Sexy, loose luscious waves

This is the perfect Sugar Baby hair for those who want to be sexy. This hairstyle appears to be soft and vulnerable, while adding masses of volume to your hair. The best news is that this style is incredibly low maintenance and is very easy to achieve with the use of heated rollers. The luscious wave look is perfect for those special occasions out with your Sugar Daddy.

The classic Sugar Baby hair centre parting

Now it is the turn of classic Sugar Baby hair, as the centre parting is back in a big way! All Sugar Babes love this style as it is incredibly slimming and oozes sophistication. The great news is that all Sugar Babes can wear the centre parting look, as it suits all hair types and face shape.
Sugar Baby Hair
The nerdy messy bun

Now, if you want something a little different, then why not trythe messy bun? This is both romantic and nerdy, all rolled into one. There is also something heavily romantic about a bun that is not quite perfect, and may lead to your Sugar Daddy undoing your hair. This bun is perfect for when you want to go out for brunch on a Sunday.

The girl next door Sugar Baby hair with the sleekpony tail

This is a Sugar Baby hair look that gives a polished and stylish look to any occasion. When you want to appear elegant for that special night out with your Sugar Daddy, then this is a simple style to achieve. It is best for fine hair with the use of hair irons.