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Sugar Baby Fashion

Sugar Baby Fashion Over the Seasons
Sugar Baby Fashion Spring

Taking a closer look at the sugar baby fashion for this coming spring we came across some interesting finds. It is all about being natural this season. As well as Khaki being back in, all shades of yellow are what it is all about. Banker stripes are also in and work for the sugar baby who wants a more elegant and professional look. Leggings and pumps are staying as well for the spring. It is also all about patterns this year so combine them in each season, stripes, polka dots and checkered flannel is back in.

Sugar Baby Fashion

Sugar Baby Fashion Summer

Sugar baby fashion for the coming summer is all about color. Yellows, oranges and stripes are the way to go this summer. One piece swimsuits are all the rage in bright colors and tops which fall off the shoulder are sexy and appealing as well. Floaty dresses are in and dresses which resemble a white shirt are really fashionable. Simplicity is whatis sexy this season. Short shorts with crop tops are in and tunics are out this summer. Flip flops aren’t the perfect footwear but leather sandals and cork wedges are the item to get out the back of your wardrobe. 80’s type sunglasses and ghastly tacky silk scarves are two items to add to your summer shopping list for the coming season.

Sugar Baby Fashion Autumn

Sugar baby fashion for the autumn season is something we are all excited about. Autumn brings cold weather and with cold weather we bring back trench coats. No more boring waistlines either because in comes the folded waistlines, something not seen before. Robe type jackets that literally look like a towel is also in and possibly best for slipping over that shimmery top to keep the cold out. Cardigans with slits in the arms are also another addition which sugar babies should look for and is certainly fashionable if not warm.

Sugar Baby Fashion Winter

Keeping warm in the winter and still being stylish is a hard task but the sugar baby fashion trends for the winter are better than ever before. We bring in fur jackets, white, pure and cream colors. Fur laced boots and padded jackets are in as well. Metallic is also seeing its way wind up onto the fashion catwalk from boots to hats. Whether it is gold, silver or black the metallic look is something you should bring in to your sugar baby wardrobe. Turtlenecks are staying in this winter and large baggy trousers with wedges are something to look forward to.