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Sugar Baby Documentary

The Ultimate Sugar Baby Documentary

The ultimate sugar baby documentary starts with a poor student seeking a better life. The course she takes in college is very demanding, and on top of that, she has to work part time to make ends meet. She dreams of finding a way to make it through college and be able to enjoy life without all the hustles. She finds out that her answer lies in getting herself a rich guy to date, who will be willing to take care of her needs.

sugar baby documentary
The sugar baby documentary begins

As the sugar baby documentary commences, we get to learn that she understands very well this is a transactional relationship, in which both the rich guy and her get what they want. While her primary objective is to get a good grade in university and be able to cater for her luxurious lifestyle, sh
e understands the risks involved in such an arrangement.

The sugar baby documentary mind games

In this fascinating and eye opening sugar baby documentary, we get to know that the girls who play this game are smart enough to seize an opportunity when it shows up. A girl does not need to be stuck with one rich guy. The smart ones have a way of attracting numerous clients, while at the same time understanding that they have to be on top of their game if they are to retain them. According to the sugar baby documentary, many of the rich guys the girls date have families and are only seeking to have a good time. Therefore, the girls have to get a very clear picture of what the sugar daddy wants. In return, the girl has to be clear on what they are willing to offer. As evident in the sugar baby documentary, the girl should not be afraid to set boundaries, or even walk out when asked to do something she is not comfortable or feeling safe.

sugar baby documentary
The sugar baby documentary precautionary advice

Some of the precautions to take as highlighted in the sugar baby documentary are not to get too comfortable with a sugar daddy if you do not truly know them. Another point to note clearly is that you have every right to bargain for what he wants and what you are able to provide. The sugar baby documentary makes it very clear there is a difference between being a sex worker and a sugar baby. The sugar baby documentarys also warns students caught up in the sugar bowl to be conscious because, while the intention is to add fun and excitement, it can end up ruining your school life since it is demanding and time consuming.