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Sugar Baby Dating

Sugar Baby Dating Guide 101

This is for all you sugar daddies out there who are getting ready to go sugar baby dating. We have come up with some tips and expert advice so you can start sugar baby dating. If you haven’t ever been sugar baby dating before then don’t worry, we have you covered. If you have been sugar baby dating but haven’t been in the game for a while, don’t worry! Sugar daddies, we also have you covered. From where to go, how to dress and how to end the date you can be sure it will all go smoothly. Just take into account what our experts have to say. We also have some top advice for sugar baby dating for the sugar babies. Find out how to impress those sugar daddies and more. Read on below to find out more.

Sugar Baby Dating – How to prepare

OK, sugar daddies, you have arranged a date and a time to pick up your sugar baby and now all you need to do is prepare the date. Don’t panic, we have some ideas for you.

Sugar Baby Dating

Sugar Baby Dating

If you sugar daddies are thinking of doing something during the day then there are some great options to choose from. Maybe lunch on a river cruise with a bottle of chilled white wine will relax you both. Afterwards you can walk along to maybe the cinema and enjoy watching a movie. This is also a great way to get to know one another and feel each others presence without doing too much talking. Take your sugar baby for an evening cocktail before taking her home.

If you are planning on an evening out then do something overly impressive. Choose a unique location and a first class restaurant. Sugar baby dating doesn’t have to be ‘normal’ though. Why don’t you choose something like a helicopter ride or maybe even a private firework show? Sugar daddies that want to impress should go the extra mile and do something original and out of this world. Don’t forget daddies to bring along flowers and maybe a small gift for your sugar baby because this won’t go unnoticed either!

Sugar Baby Dating – What to Talk About

When sugar baby dating sugar daddies tend to talk a lot about work but try not to go too far with this subject. If your sugar baby asks you then answer quickly and swiftly and change the subject to her. Women like to talk about themselves and although they like to listen, let her tell you about who she is. Ask a lot of questions and make sure to flatter her. Show her how serious you are and ask about what she loves to do, what she love to eat and what her hobbies are. You can even change your plans quickly and whisk her off to Paris for the night if that has always been her dream. Try to avoid talking about previous sugar baby dating experiences and focus on the present. Don’t ask her about her past relationships with sugar daddies either as this could really be a conversation stopper.

Sugar Baby Dating – Sugar Daddies, What To Wear?

Dating sugar babies is a fun experience but what you wear could make or break the date.
Sugar daddies are you excited? Next we have some advice on how you should dress when going on the journey of sugar baby dating. If you want to look young and fun then don’t go dressed in your work suit. Women like smart men but not too smart. Don’t go dressed as if you are attending a funeral but try something a little upbeat. Depending on where you are taking your sugar baby dating then maybe go for a look such as dark jeans, a light shirt and fancy shoes. If the weather permits then sugar daddies, don’t forget your sunglasses as this gives off a mysterious look. Daddies, try to avoid the old look and switch the pullover for a cashmere jumper and switch the tie to no tie. Dating a sugar baby can be hard if you haven’t done it before but try to feel relaxed and dress comfortably.

Sugar Baby Dating – How to End the Date

Sugar baby dating should be fun for both people and ending the date should be enjoyable. Thank her for her company, flatter her again, ask her if she enjoyed it, ride her home and offer to take her out on a second date. Daddies, if you feel like a second date isn’t for you then tell her you will keep in touch. There is nothing wrong with not liking someone but don’t be obvious about it because you could hurt her feelings. We think that sugar baby dating shouldn’t be kept for just one sugar baby but sugar daddies should date others as well to find their perfect match.

Sugar Baby Dating – How to Impress Your Sugar Daddies

So sugar babies, you are on the journey of sugar baby dating and you are looking to impress your sugar daddies? First impressions count and are probably the most important moments in which you will either form a bond with your sugar daddy or not.

Sugar Baby Dating

Sugar Baby Dating

Impress those sugar daddies through compliments and praises of a wonderfully planned date. Dress to impress but don’t go over the top. Sugar baby dating doesn’t have to involve throwing yourself in his arms or asking for money for that matter. Some sugar daddies find that really off putting. Athough they are looking for company, they don’t want a woman who is too easy.

If you have never been sugar baby dating before and this is your first time, then ask fellow sugar babies about what the sugar daddies expect on a first date. Sugar daddies will want to get to know you. Take note that they may be new to the sugar baby dating experience too. Asking the sugar daddies about the location of the date is a good idea. That way you know what to wear, you don’t want to be taken to the waterfalls if you are wearing a cocktail dress and heels!

Sugar Baby Dating – Cutting the Date Short

This goes for sugar daddies and sugar babies. If you want to cut the date short then we have some ideas for you. Sometimes sugar baby dating won’t go as you planned. You may not like the other person, you may feel uncomfortable or you may just not feel a spark. This is normal for sugar babies and daddies alike. This is the whole reason why sugar baby dating exists. People can get to know one another before moving forward.

Sugar Daddies – Try not to run out on your date! Simply explain that something from work has come up or an emergency. Be a gentleman and offer to give your sugar baby a ride home. You can always set your phone to ring at a certain time during the date and pretend to talk to someone so your sugar baby doesn’t get offended.

Sugar Babies – If you want to end the date then you can also explain you have an emergency and have to leave or simply say you have feminine issues and you would like to leave. This usually shuts up the sugar daddies right away!

Sugar Baby Dating Should Be Fun

Sugar baby dating should be fun, sugar baby dating should be exciting, sugar baby dating should be an enjoyable experience and sugar baby dating should be safe and relaxing for both sugar daddies and sugar babies. You can make it all of these things if you both try your best and dress your best. Don’t forget that first impressions count so don’t show up with ripped clothes, dirty hair and a bad attitude.

The worst that could happen is you don’t like each other and go your separate way. If this is the case then this is perfectly normal and you can both forget about it and carry on dating other people. Don’t take it personally but understand that some people just simply aren’t compatible with one another and talking to someone online is different than talking to them in person. Walk into the date with an open mind and no expectations.

Don’t take sugar baby dating too seriously otherwise it will leave you drained physically and emotionally but take sugar baby dating in your stride and treat it as a day out with a friend. If you really want to get to know someone then be open with them and ask questions. Make sure you don’t interrogate the other person otherwise this could lead them to not going out with you again.

Advice for sugar daddies and sugar babies

Even if you are new or a professional to the sugar baby dating scene you may want to take advice from others. That way everything should run smoothly. Don’t forget the most important thing to ask yourself is, do you want a second date? If you do then plan something even bigger and even better. Take into account what your sugar baby likes. How about you surprise her with a dress and shoes for the evening? This is also a nice way to spoil her. At the same time you make sure she wears the appropriate clothes for the event. Whatever the age difference, whatever the experience and whatever the location – make sure you have fun. If you don’t, then you don’t have to do it again! Good luck boy and girls!