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sugar baby cupcakes

Sugar Baby cupcakes

Sugar Baby cupcakes are ideal for that very special occasion, a luxurious party, or simply when you want to spoil your Sugar Baby. All Sugar Babes love their sweet treats. No matter if you wish to hire in the caterers to make your very own personalised Sugar Baby cupcakes, or if you want to get creative yourself, we have a few fun ideas for you to try out. Happy baking!

Sugar Baby cupcakes the gluten free way

If your Sugar Baby is on a restricted diet, such as gluten free or dairy free, then don’t despair, as you can still make those yummy and incredibly beautiful Sugar Baby cupcakes that she will love. You will now find many cupcake recipes online that simply replace the self raising flour with gluten free flour, that will taste just the same. There are also many recipes that use oil, instead of butter, and you can even use mashed banana. If you do find the task of making gluten free/dairy free cupcakes a little daunting, then there are many catering companies that specialise in this type of baking.

Sugar Baby cupcakes – release the glitter

sugar baby cupcakes

sugar baby cupcakes

Sugar Baby cakes are all about the decoration. They need to look pretty and simply irresistible, just like your Sugar Baby. All girls love glitter and sparkles, so make sure that your cupcakes glimmer and shine. You can buy glitter frosting, or you can add sparkles to the finished cake. Other great ideas include scented decorations in strawberry and vanilla. You can also add stars and flowers to decorate your creation. Just remember that Sugar Baby cupcakes need to look as good as they taste, so be bold and decorative with your design ideas.

Sugar Baby cupcakes with lots of chocolate

If you want to make flavoured cupcakes, both for the cake and decorative frosting, then you can’t go far wrong with chocolate. Perhaps you could make a dark chocolate cake and top it with sweet white chocolate that is decorated with pink candy hearts. Alternatively, you could make a white chocolate cake and top it with milk chocolate frosting and lots of glitter candy. The choices are endless.

How to display your cupcakes
Making your Sugar Baby cupcakes is only the beginning. If you are holding a special party or other celebratory event, then you have to make sure that you display them properly. There are so many ways to do so. You can buy specialist display towers in the shape of almost anything. Good ideas include crowns, hearts and cute houses. Just be sure to show off your Sugar Baby cakes so that they look stunningly beautiful!