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Sugar Baby Book – True Sugar Baby Stories

The rich Sugar Daddy writes a new Sugar Baby Book!

A sugar daddy who would like to be an author? The sugar daddy would like to write a sugar baby book. He has already met a lot of sugar babies and a sugar baby book is selling well! Because a sugar baby book written by a real sugar daddy is the bestseller.
The sugar baby book should contain tips on how to fish a sugar daddy. And the sugar baby book is also to enlighten how a real sugardaddy-sugarbaby relationship looks. The sugar baby book is sure to be a bestseller, since the author is safe.

The millionaire has accumulated a lot of experience the last years with his young women. In the sugar baby book you can also find tips on how to make a first date with a sugardaddy optimally. Because these tips from the mouth of a profis are simply priceless.

Sugar Baby Book

The young woman buys the new Sugar Baby Book from the Sugar Daddy!

The young woman of course buys the book of the millionaire who has written a sugarbaby book. That is logical. She wants to know first-hand what a rich man for tips when it comes to a young woman to conquer. She herself stands on the luxury of the sugar daddy. But she also wants him to be sympathetic, for an affair is not excluded. The two of them agreed in the luxushotel. She can really see that the sugar daddy likes her herself. That is great, because she wants to be not only his companion, but she would also like to sex with him. An exciting subject matter is all that. The sugar daddy is very impressed by the openness of his partner. He did not think she was so open to sex. She actually wants to start with him, the elderly man an affair. He says yes to this thing. For he can not resist the youth of this lady. He pours them over with valuable gifts, which he has bought in paris. She is thrilled when she sees the gift box that he hands over to her.

The Sugar Baby Book includes secrets from a good relationship with a Sugar Daddy!

n the book were all the secret tips that young women need when they want a millionaire fishing. These are years of tried and tested tips of the sugar daddys, which simply has a lot of experience in these things. The elderly man has already traveled a lot in the world. And everywhere he has his sugargirls. This young woman inspires the millionaire and she is perfect.