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sugar baby allowance

sugar baby allowance – What is a Sugar Baby Allowance?

Having a sexy young sugar babe comes with responsibilities. The sugar baby relationship is tailor made to suit both your lifestyle and that of your sugar baby, and is intended to enhance your life, not hinder. Consequently, the sugar relationship dictates that you take care of your sugar baby properly and make sure she is spoilt rotten. The happier your sugar baby is, the happier you will be. A sugar baby allowance is your way of showing your sugar baby that you appreciate her and do not want her to feel that she has to keep asking you to buy her such basic items as food and entertainment related purchases. She makes you feel good. She makes you feel young and attractive. She satisfies you whenever you need her! So why would you make her feel as though her day to day wellbeing is anything less than important to you? A sugar baby allowance is her upkeep money for when she needs to buy clothes and other nice things without calling you. A sugar baby allowance is for those times when she wants to go out on a shopping spree with her friends without you having to know. Give her that freedom, she deserves it.

sugar baby allowance

sugar baby allowance

How Much Should a Sugar Baby Allowance Be?

A sugar baby allowance should be as much as you think she deserves. A sugar baby allowance needs to be able to allow her to live the lifestyle she is accustomed to when with you, when you are not around. So, a sugar baby allowance could be made to include all of her expenses such as university fees, food and rent. Or, it can be just for her to spoil herself with while you sort out her other expenses separately.

How Should I Pay the Allowance?

How you pay the sugar baby allowance to your darling sugar baby depends on how far she lives from your home town and her preferred method. You can pay by bank transfer or by cash when you see her if you are worried about leaving paper trails. Discuss with your sugar baby to find out how she would like to be paid her sugar baby allowance and see how it can also fit into your desired level of confidentiality. If your sugar baby lives abroad then you could use one of the major money transfer services which only involve basic types of receipts for security. The transaction can remain confidential if paper receipts are destroyed or kept very safely.