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sugar baby over 50

sugar baby over 50 – The perfect age – Find the right Sugarbaby

A sugar baby over 50? Perish the thought! And yet, there it is. The concept takes hold, you think about it, you analyze it and the more you give it the thought it deserves, the more it makes sense, especially if you’re a sugar daddy in your fifties, sixties or seventies. A sugar baby over 50 suddenly has appeal, a cachet that a twenty-something sugar baby simply won’t have, no matter how hard you try and spin it. Consider the following facts, if you will:

Sugar Baby Over 50: With Age Blooms the Rose

A twenty-something sugar baby may have perky breasts, taut abs and a well-rounded derriere but more often than not, she’s at the threshold of her maturity and much like the tightly-closed bud of a rose, she hasn’t yet fully bloomed. A sugar baby over 50 has unfurled her delicate petals and is in full bloom, the perfect classic rose, comfortable in her beauty. Her breasts may no longer be as perky as her younger counterpart yet the breasts of a sugar baby over 50 are nevertheless firm, the nipples proudly erect. Her hips have a curvaceous come-hither appeal and her abs are as taut as those of her younger counterpart, thanks to regular workouts at the gym. From the rear, a sugar baby over 50 has an hourglass derriere, perfect for displaying in a pair of tight riding breeches. The face, still fresh thanks to regular facials, has a few barely-there laugh lines that bear testament to a woman who loves to laugh and isn’t afraid to embrace life. An intelligent sugar daddy will realize and appreciate that with age, truly blooms the rose.

sugar baby over 50

sugar baby over 50

Sugar Baby Over 50: Very Few Inhibitions Left

Frankly put, a sugar baby over 50 will have very few inhibitions left, especially when it comes to the bedroom. She has learned a thing or two in her sexually active life, both in her seeking of pleasure and in her ability to give it to a man, especially if that man happens to be her sugar daddy. Inhibitions are left at the door and it’s all about giving and receiving pleasure, something that few twenty-something sugar babies are willing to provide. A sugar baby over 50 will also have stamina and endurance, willing to go the extra mile in the quest for mutual satisfaction, an important requirement for great sex in one’s middle years!

Sugar Baby Over 50: An Intelligent Conversationalist

With a sugar baby over 50, a sugar daddy is almost always guaranteed an intelligent conversationalist and a like-minded companion, not always a guarantee with a twenty-something, or even a thirty-something sugar baby. And let’s face it. Sex only goes so far and once you’re out of bed, there must be something to sustain a relationship. Companionship and intelligent conversations become the order of the day.

Looks, lack of inhibitions and intelligence are sought-after qualities in any relationship. However, in a sugar dating relationship, these are premium qualities offered by a sugar baby over 50, premium qualities that discriminant sugar daddies won’t want to overlook.