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Sugar Baby 2014

Sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship has become very popular in the world, and every young woman knows that is the way to go. Young women especially college girls go for arranged relationships for various reasons. Before a sugar baby 2014 moves ahead and takes a sugar daddy, it is important to know the sugar daddy well, because some of them are not genuine or might be abusive. Below are some of the ways a sugar baby 2014 may know whether they are in an abusive relationship.

Ways a sugar baby 2014 knows a sugar daddy is abusive

• Possessive: a sugar baby may know if the sugar daddy is possessive if he shows up at their place unannounced, complains if the sugar baby 2014 delays to reply to his calls and text and do not care the reason behind the delay, and when the sugar daddy starts to become clingy. The sugar daddy is advised to quite the relationship.
• Isolation: slowly a sugar will start to check in and will want a sugar baby to spend most of their time with them, giving them no space as well as time to spend with their family and friends.
• Abuse: a sugar baby 2014 should quite a relationship where a sugar daddy abuses them whether physically or verbally. A sugar baby should know how to protect themselves.
• Dependence: when a sugar daddy tells a sugar baby who has been independent to quit their job, it a sign that they are in an abusive relationship.
For a sugar baby 2014 to date a sugar daddy, there are some rules and regulations that they should follow for the relationship to succeed. Some of the dating rules are listed below.

sugar baby 2014

Sugar baby 2014 dating rules

1. Commit to the identity: a young woman looking for a sugar daddy should always be themselves when identifying themselves online, they should learn to stick on their actual self.
2. Honesty: being honest is one of the most important characters that a sugar baby should possess.
3. Agreement: being in an arranged relationship both parties knows what they want, the relationship has to have laid down agreement and must be followed to the end.

Sugar baby 2014 enter into an arranged relationship for various reasons which most of the reason is the benefits they get from such a relationship. Some of the advantages of dating a sugar daddy are listed below.
Benefits of a sugar baby 2014
• No strings attached: young girls do not want to commit to a relationship or settle down, and an arranged relationship gives them this advantage.
• An honesty arrangement: both parties know what they want in the relationship and some of them go to the extent of agreeing how long the relationship should last, the agreement helps in case of a break up making it hurtles.