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Sleeping with Sugar Daddy

Sleeping With My Sugar Daddy

Is Sleeping with Sugar Daddy OK?

The one questions many sugar babies might have is, is sleeping with sugar daddy ok to do. Will I like it? Should I avoid it and is it normal?

There is probably a large difference in age between you and your sugar daddy but sleeping with sugar daddy should be relaxed, fun and exciting.

If you are forming some kind of a relationship with your sugar daddy then sleeping with sugar daddy is perfectly normal. You shouldn’t avoid it because most of the time he needs that intimacy as much as anyone else in the world does.

Sleeping with Sugar Daddy

Sleeping with Sugar Daddy

Can Sleeping with Sugar Daddy Lead me to Becoming Attached?

Sleeping with sugar daddy forms a closeness which you might not have had before but that is a good thing. It means there is a bond forming and through sleeping together it is something private and something between the two of you which you can both enjoy. If you are becoming too attached to your sugar daddy then that is OK and having feelings of love for him isn’t wrong either. These feelings that you have are perfectly human. Try not to feel disgusted about the age difference because all over the world age is only a number and people can have different kinds of relationships whatever their age.

Sleeping With Sugar Daddy – What about the Morning?

The morning comes and you don’t know whether to get dressed and slip away? Don’t. A lot of people after their first night of lovemaking disappear on one another. Face up to it and stay. Your sugar daddy will have probably gone to get you coffee and bagels anyway! Enjoy a breakfast in bed, enjoy the time you have together and you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. Sleeping with sugar daddy should be of those experiences that you don’t regret. You are both adults, you both know what you want and let’s be honest, your sugar daddy is just looking for a bit of love, companionship and comfort.

Our advice to you is to just go with the flow, keep safe and unless you want kids with your sugar daddy then use protection! Life is made for living, so live it!