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Rules for Sugar Daddy Dating

Three Basic Rules for Sugar Daddy Dating
An increasing percentage of women openly prefer dating older men rather than younger guys or those of the same age as themselves. The present day sugar daddy is a complete contrast to his twentieth-century colleague who would prefer to keep such a relationship private while enjoying his clandestine in secretive places. Today, an older guy and his date display their relationship openly and with pride, in completed disregard to the conventional rules for sugar daddy dating. However, there are certain acceptable rules for sugar daddy dating that you need to follow to make the best of the relationship for both parties.

A sugar daddy is a man, more commonly an older one, who offers financial support to a young girl in exchange for companionship and time. Sometimes, arrangements for such a relationship can be centred on a solid bond between two partners. Basically, sugar daddy dating is fueled by pampering, spoiling and protection, which satisfy both his need to give and yours to receive. Sugar dating is more of a mutually beneficial relationship than actual dating. Next are the common rules for sugar daddy dating.

rules for sugar daddy dating



Being Precise is one of the Basic Rules for Sugar Daddy Dating



Among the main rules for sugar daddy dating is pointing out exactly what both you and him anticipate from the relationship, so do not leave it undefined and vague. If you need him to cater for your daily expenses, rent or tuition, make sure he knows. Also, find out if he wants you to follow him on business trips and if he expects you to get along with his friends. Most importantly, after you have agreed to the terms of the relationships, respect and honour your end of the deal. Be punctual, and do not disappear for days and then offer a lame excuse as to why you could not see him during those days.


Avoiding Emotional Attachment is one of the Basic Rules for Sugar Daddy Dating


Treating the Relationship like you would treat a job is also very important. Your sugar daddy is the person who will help you achieve your future dream, but he doesn’t have to be the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your only job is to make him feel contented, relaxed, and more importantly, happy. If it happens that you fall in love and want to stay with him, the relationship changes; and therefore, different rules for sugar daddy dating will apply.

Do Not Impose

On the priority list of rules for sugar daddy dating is respecting his wishes. If he does not want his relatives and friends to know about your relationship, then you should respect that and never expose the nature of your relationship to them. If he desires to be alone at times, ensure to give him the space he needs. Never make fun of him or embarrass him either in private or in front of other people.

Basic Rules for Sugar Daddy Dating- Do not Anticipate Commitment

Another important aspect of the rules of sugar daddy dating is never to expect commitment. The greatest error is to expect some kind of obligation from your sugar daddy. It will leave you exposed to an emotional meltdown if it turns out that he is more committed to being more of a sugar daddy than a lover.

These vital rules for sugar daddy dating will create ease in your relationship; and hence, help you get the best from your relationship. Adhere to them and watch your sugar dating relationship blossom.