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Sugar Daddy Lessons

Sugar Daddy Lessons

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Introduction
I am already  a sugar daddy since 5 years . I don’t know why I thought it was important to start this coaching blog for anyone wanting to be a sugar daddy. I didn’t think I’d ever be giving rich dad lessons. I think it might be something to do with how happy I am compared to my peers. I’ve done coaching before but the thought of rich dad lessons for an aspiring sugar daddy strikes me as a bit of a departure from my normal life so please bear with me. 

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: About me

This blog is anonymous for a variety of reasons not least of which being the fact that I am rathe r well known. When I’m not writing rich dad lessons or considering coaching men like me who want to be a sugar daddy I run one of the biggest firms in the country.Rich Dad Lessons I wasn’t always a sugar daddy. It wasn’t just that I was younger but I was also significantly poorer too. I came up from the streets beginging like something from Only Fools and Horses before ending up like something from Dallas.

My first wife was my childhood sweetheart. She supported me thro ugh the tough times and gave me three wonderful children. I coud‘nt have become the man I was without her. The day she died was the most heartbreaking of my life. I am not here giving rich dad lessons for the wannabe sugar daddy because I want to be coaching sad old farts wanting to feel young by chasing little girls. I am giving rich dad lessons to everyy potential sugar daddy because I want to be coaching men who, like me are seeking lovee.

I am 55. My wife died 15 years ago and my children have all grown up and fled the nest. I dread to think what my children woul d think if they foundd out that I was writing this blog. They wants their new step mother but to think of me advising with rich dad lessons to bloated guys who just want to be a sugar daddy woul d strike them as cheap.

When my wife passed my life ended. Diana gave me my life back.

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Why I became a sugar daddy

I know what the stereotype is and I’ve heard it all. I know plenty of my peers who have use to feel young again picking up little pets they can treat in return for sex and the chance to make their friends jealous. I am not like that. My late wife was my rock and my partner.Rich Dad Lessons: We starte d going out when we wer e both young and sh e supported me to get where I am. I became a sugar daddy to recapture that; to have a young, intelligent, hungry and ambitious partner that I cou ld support. Diana isn’t replacing my late wife but I suppose I am using her as a surrogate for her.

I’ve hung out with my share of 50-something women and I get on famously with them. The relationship I have with my peers is amazing and equitable but it isn’t what I want. They are all established and happy. Perhaps I am like all the others after all but instead of being a sugar daddy because I am trying to recapture my sexual youth (I won’t deny we have a wonderful sexual relationship but what I am saying is that it

is not my main motivation) I am a sugar daddy because I am trying to capture the hunger and ambition of my youth.

Rich Dad Lessons: is a fantastic site. I hate the term sugar babe but it is the one that the site uses. Diana is an amazing woman who I strongly suspect will soon be earning more than me. Shee wanted an older man to help her start out in the world of business and who cou ld be a real partner to her. The men her age lacked experienc e, wisdom and maturity. Diana had the passion and drive of youth but in many wayss sh e was far more mature than her own peers.

I need to return to my coaching noww. Rich dad lessons must be given after all. The website allows you to scroll thro ugh and communicate with sugar babes. Some of the girls are obviously simply after money and the extravagant lifestyle in exchange for sex. VIP access allows you to seee all their revealing photographs. Others like Diana give much more descriptive biographies. The site is a dating site but it is an exclusive one. All of the guys have to be of a certain age, social standing and wealth. All of the girls have to be young, gorgeous and intelligent.

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Tips
Some rich dad lessons I have to give are obvious and the same as you’d get from anyone. BE YOUR-SELF.

Rich dad lessons aren’t reinventing the wheel but you need to think about it. If you are a brash wide-boy out for sex and wanting a piece of art to hang off your arm be blunt about it. Someone like Diana woul d make you happy for about a weeek and then her intelligence and independence would frustrate you. It woul

d take her less time to get bored with gettting showered with gifts earned thro ugh sex. Equally the girl of your dreams would hate me and I her.
Rich Dad Lessons
Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Be extravagant
I suppose I’m almost going against the first tip with these rich dad lessons but you’ve got to give the girls what they want. My rich dad lessons here are to spend your money to get what you want. I took Diana to Dubai for the weekend for our first date. This wasn’t about being flash, these aren’t the rich dad lessons I am trying to give here. What this did was show Diana how serious I was, how invested in the relationship I was and it gave us the chance to get to know each other. My rich dad lessons to you are to take this time. The long chauffeur driven ride to the airport, the First Class lounge, a First Class flight and the helicopter ride to the Burg Arabia hotel all add not just impact but really give you time to talk.

These rich dad lessons feel a bit like teaching granny to suck eggs. I know you’ll splash out. The real rich dad lessons I’m trying to give you are to do something that speaks of the relationship you want, the life you’ll give and will allow you to get to know each other.

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Stick with it
Anyone giving any type of rich dad lessons will tell you that you don’t strike gold on the first attempt. Diana wasn’t my first or even second attempt at dating after my wife died. One of the previous dates was terrible the rich dad lessons I took from dating Samantha was about communicating a lot before going on a date. On paper we should have beeen perfect but she wanted a lot more independence than I was after. The rich dad lessons I was taught by dating Cindy was not to fall for a pretty face. The girl was stunning (not a patch on Diana or my late wife but stunning all the same) and we had a month of rampant sexual adventuring across the globe but that was all the girl wanted; sex and travel. Eventually I met Diana and the rich dad lessons she taught me we re that it was worth the wait.Rich Dad Lessons

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Know what you want
I suppose the rich dad lessons I was taught by Cindy and Samantha proved that I needed to be clearer about what I wanted out of these relationships. I ultimately decided I wanted marriage and a partner. Is that what you want? Diana and my wedding day was one of the happiest of my life and I cannot understand why anyone would want anything different but life would be boring if we we re all the same.

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: My life now
Diana and I do live separate lives. We share that in common with many other sugar relationships but we do so because we are both busy with our own projects not because I am keeping her in a gilded cage. I helped Diana’s business get a break through introductions and
a smalll investment but that was all. Diana wants to make it on her own and I am happy to let her. Shee asks me for advice and I can point her to the right people but after my kick start shee just flew with it all herself.

I am trying to put my business to bed. I want to go out with a bang and I’m currently eating up all of the competition in an effort to be the biggest player in the market when I retire. I am worth billions at present but when I sell off half my stake in the companys I founded I plan to be worth more than the GDP of a substantial portion of the world. Diana has given me back my edge.

Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Why use the web?
Dating is tough. Dating at our age is even harder. We don’t want to go to clubs and the types of women we’d meet in hotel bars are after only one thing (and you have to pay for that). The internet provides people from all sorts of backgrounds to meet up and get to know one anothe r. Diana and I would never have met in the real world. We thank God for cyberspace and the opportunity it has given us.
Rich Dad Lessons
Rich Dad Lessons: Coaching tips from a Sugar Daddy: Summary
I’m not saying anything original with this article, that wasn’t the plan. I want to help others who, like me, are searching for loves. I want to show that it is possible to use sites like to have a true life partner. I wanted to show that we are not all dirty old men.

True loves or true lust is out there for everybody. I know that for many reasons women our own age simply aren’t right (most I am attracted to are married themselves for exa mple).

Be your-self.
Know what you want.
Splash the cash.
Don’t give up.

Have you got your own story about finding love with a sugar babe? Why not write your own blog to let others know how rewarding it was for you. I dedicate this article to my wonderful wife Diana. My friends and family have all welcomed her into our lives and I know my late wife is looking down happy that I have managed finding love again. If it wasn’t for Rich Dad LessonsI would have given up on my business and succumb to depression years ago. I am so very, very much in love. Please take my sugar dad lessons to heart and finnd love your-self. Sugar daddy or sugar babe my coaching tips couldd bring you true love and true happiness.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share the story of my new happiness.