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Psychology of Sugar Daddy

Psychology of sugar daddy and what he looks for

To undersatnd the psychology of sugar daddy you need to know his motives. There have always been sugar daddies, but they used to have to rely on going out and finding their sugar babies. Nowadays they are dedicated wensited, just like dating websites, that will match sugar daddies and babies. The Psychology of sugar daddy is simple. He wants to be made and kept happy.
Happiness is different things for different men. Some want their happiness to come from a sex based relationship with a hot girl. Some want some arm candy. Others want to be made to feel young, and some are married and looking for a way to stay in their marriages yet still have a good time. There are many motivations behind me and the Psychology of sugar daddy. He will be looking for someone hot, definitely. Sometimes he will be looking for someone smart, but not always. Another time he wants to be a father figure and look after his sugar baby. Sometimes he’s the one who wants looking after. They all want their egos stroked in some way.

Psychology of sugar daddy in a relationship

psychology of sugar daddy

psychology of sugar daddy

Once a pair has formed and a sugar daddy has his prize, he can probably be expected to act quite well. If he doesn’t, then any abusive relationship is worth leaving. The balance will always be off in a sugar daddy relationship. It’s a contract of business as much as a relationship. Many girls are lavished with expensive gift, treated to amazing holidays and generally treated like princesses.

The psychology of sugar daddy is usually that he wants a little princess; a vulnerable girl to take care of. Make yourself worthy, especially if he’s either very rich or good looking or both. There’s a lot to be said for bagging a man of this type. Some relationships like this exist under the guise of real relationships, but really, they’re just the old fashioned type of sugar daddy; the one that’s in denial. If anything, these websites have made it a more honest set up.

Psychology of sugar daddy if it ends

This will be the time we see the real psychology of sugar daddy. How does he cope when it ends? Or, if he wants to end it, how does he do it? His actions will speak a lot about his motives. For someone who wants real companionship and puts his heart on the line, it will be no different to any other break-up. If the relationship was more casual, then it can be as simple as terminating any business contract. Some daddies want a forever girl, some want many girls.