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Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy | the difference


Prostitution vs sugar Daddy – introduction

The fact that both prostitution and being a sugar baby both involve monetary benefits make most people believe that the two are similar. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. There is a very fine line between prostitution and a sugar daddy relationship.We hereby look at a comparison on prostitution vs sugar daddy relationship.

Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy

Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy

Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy; Business Transaction vs Relationship

On prostitution vs sugar daddy relationship, prostitution is basically a woman having sex with a man for money with absolutely no feelings involved. A prostitute has multiple partners at the same time and is often paid as per the amount of time spent with every man.
Being in a relationship with a sugar daddy is much like any other relationship between two people. Neither of the parties is allowed to have multiple partners.
Just like any other relationship, engagements and marriages have come out of their relationships.
This is not similar to prostitution which is normally a one-time thing with no possibility of a relationship.

Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy; Profession vs Lifestyle

Further observing prostitution vs sugar daddy;
Having a sugar daddy is a lifestyle that is chosen by a woman who wants an older man who is financially stable to take care of her bills in exchange for gifts, money, and fun among others. The woman selects the type of man she wants and what she wants from him. Sex is never really a necessity, just a topping on the cake.
A prostitute, on the other hand, does not choose who she wants to have sex with. Whoever can pay is good enough. Sex is a job and the most important thing to her is to get the job done.

Prostitution vs Sugar Daddy; Quantity vs Quality

In the prostitution vs sugar daddy comparison, a sugar baby has another profession while a prostitute does not.
Sugar babies are students, graduates, teachers, seeking mentors that can help them in propelling their careers to higher levels and not a temporary benefit. Sugar daddies are also very generous and want to their partners succeed. The relationships between these two are chosen for quality purposes with the aspiration of them being long-term
Prostitution, on the other hand, is the last choice for women who are desperate for money and therefore use their bodies as a source of revenue. For this reason, the higher the number of men they can sleep with in a day the higher the pay.

An analysis of prostitution vs sugar daddy dating makes it quite evident that choosing to be a sugar baby does not in any way make you a prostitute. Have fun!

prostitution vs sugar daddy