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Pregnant with sugar daddy


Pregnant with sugar daddy what now?


Sugar daddy dating has been gaining a lot of popularity in the dating world, especially with internet dating sites soaring with demand. However, this kind of dating is like something the world has never seen before, it does have its upsides and downsides. When a man wants to look for companionship and fun he looks for a woman who is much younger than him and is a sugar babe who fulfils all his demands, even sex. Whilst a sugar babe is a woman who wants a man who can pay her for all her duties performed towards him, this way she is able to fulfil all her expensive desires, pay for her rent, school bills etc.

pregnant with sugar daddy and the things you have to consider

However, it is very rare that such relationships turn into marriage, whilst most relationships of this nature involves short term fun, holidays, expensive dinners, clothing, gifts and definitely lot of intimacy and sex. The risk attached to this sort of dating is getting pregnant with sugar daddy. It is most sensible to always be protected when it comes to sex to avoid any risks in the future of getting pregnant with sugar daddy but there is nothing fool proof. It is quiet an ordeal for a sugar baby to get pregnant with sugar daddy but you need to be 100% percent sure who the father of your baby is since sugar daddy dating is normally never exclusive. Such dating arrangements allow women to have multiple partners and as many sugar daddies as she can handle. pregnant with sugar daddyHowever, if you are sure of whose baby it is then you need to tell this to your sugar daddy. There is no buts, ifs or ands involved in this situation of becoming pregnant with sugar daddy, whether or not your sugar daddy wants a child is not relevant, the fact still remains that he needs to know the current situation.

When you know you are pregnant with sugar daddy

Getting pregnant with sugar daddy involves a lot of complications but when you are honest with your sugar daddy, you can always see what can be done next and it will be a joint decision. It is necessary for you give this news to him yourself and not let him find out through other sources. This relationship does involve a lot of honesty and your sugar daddy may have been honest from the beginning about not wanting to have kids and you were also OK with that considering the fact that you continued dating him, therefore holding this fact of becoming pregnant with sugar daddy cannot be held against him.

It is true that it takes two to tango, but it is nothing but a mere mistake that both you and your partner have made together but as an individual you should always try and be an adult about getting pregnant with sugar daddy. Just because you got pregnant with sugar daddy, it does not mean you need to pressurise him to be part of something that he does not want to be in. A sugar daddy may have his opinions and reasons and whatever it is, you will have to accept and move forward.