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Pot vs Sugar Daddy – Explanation

Pot vs sugar daddy and other things to know if you are knew to Sugar Daddy and baby world

Being new to the sugar daddy and babies dating scene can have its hilarious moment. Most of these moments come up when one or both parties do not understand the terminologies that are normally used in the process, or when they do not really understand terms such as pot vs sugar daddy and what they mean in the engagement. So, if you are getting into the sugar dating world, below are some of the terms that you might need to understand beforehand.

Pot vs Sugar Daddy

Pot vs Sugar Daddy

Pot vs sugar Daddy – introduction

A pot vs sugar daddy difference is that the pot is someone that seems to have the potential to become a great sugar Daddy. In the dating world, the difference between the sugar daddy and the pot is that a pot is someone you have probably met online and had a conversation with, but haven’t met yet. In short, it is a potential sugar daddy.

Salt Daddy – pot vs sugar Daddy

This is the second most used term after pot vs sugar daddy. It is used to refer to a person who is not a true sugar daddy. Most of the times, it is a person that does not have enough money to be referred to as a sugar daddy. The person, who might not be rich enough to be a sugar daddy, uses the idea to lure sugar babies who are unsuspecting.

Salty – pot vs sugar Daddy

In the pot vs sugar daddy world, this is a person that is not truly happy about the arrangement. Most of the times, these people will try to make something more of the relationship. For instance, they will try to have a boyfriend/girlfriend connection with a sugar babe. In other terms, they are clingers that want to establish an emotional connection instead of just having a good time. It’s advisable to avoid them altogether.

Splenda Daddy

Like the salt daddy, the splenda daddy does not have the resources that are needed to be a sugar Daddy. They are great for things such as dinners and friendship, but not a serious sugar daddy and babe relationship. It is best to keep off these men and go for the pot vs sugar daddy man that has the resources and is most fun to be with.

Paper meet

This is a type of relationship that all girls looking for a long term pot vs sugar daddy relationship need to avoid. In the arrangement, you get a certain agreed amount for a meeting, i.e. pay for play. You are better off finding someone that needs you on the regular because the returns will be bigger and much better.
These are just a few of the terms that anyone interested in a pot vs sugar daddy engagement needs to understand. Understand that getting entangled with the wrong daddy can be downright frustrating so choose well.