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Pot date Sugar Daddy meeting

Every girl is nervous and excited when it comes to meeting the pot date sugar daddy for the first time because of the numerous things that could go wrong and ruin everything. Also, it is during such meetings that everybody gets to decide whether or not they should take things a step further. A sugar girl is always at a disadvantage because there are more ladies to rich men; and so, she has to be her best during a pot date sugar daddy meeting. Here are top tips to help her out.

Get Alternative Contact Means before a Pot Date Sugar Daddy Meeting

In addition to the chat and messaging features that a sugar dating site offers, make sure to get his cell contacts to facilitate easier communication in case you need to reschedule the date. It is also to allow him to communicate his intentions to postpone or cancel the meeting by phone, which is easier since you may miss the message he leaves on the site. Besides, asking for his phone number shows your enthusiasm about the prospect of meeting him.

pot date sugar daddy meeting

Pick a Secure spot for the Pot Date Sugar Daddy Meeting

You do not know much about the pot date sugar daddy, so ensure to do some due diligence to stay safe. There are many sex predators and other dangerous characters out there, making it important to:

• Avoid pot date sugar daddy meetings in private settings such as hotel rooms or far away establishments.
• Inform a friend of your planned meeting point and keep him or her updated on everything, especially regarding major changes to the location.
• Insist on picking the location so that you can select one that corresponds to the calibre of allowance to ask from him.

It is obvious that a pot date sugar daddy will be very much interested in seeing how your outfit accentuates your natural curves, so don’t disappoint him. However, ensure not to show off everything as you will look cheap and trashy. If you are to wear an outfit that exposes your cleavage, make certain that your thighs are all covered up and vice versa. As much as men like to get a sneak peak of the goodies, they usually lose respect for ladies who overdo it.

Avoid Money Talk during a Pot Date Sugar Daddy First Encounter
You don’t want to appear like a gold digger, so steer clear of allowance discussion during the pot date sugar daddy encounter even if he insists on talking about it. Instead, focus on impressing him with your looks and charm and insist that the first date is meant to get to learn about each other’s traits. Raising the money issue will also make you seem self-centered, a quality many sugar daddies cannot put up with.

Don’t overdo it
It is surprising how you may enjoy your time with someone who was a stranger a few moments ago. Well, that is the beauty of sugaring, which is characterised by fun-filled moments all the time. However, remember that it is your first date, and that means that there is a need to do everything in moderation, including the time you spend together. A maximum of 2 hours is enough; otherwise, things may get out of hand and lead to activities that should not take place on a first date.