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Poor sugar babe


Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – Introduction

I am not shy about what I wanted from a relationship. My advert on was blunt and to the point Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? I am not a gold digger. I am not an escort. I am a sugar babe. My family is common as muck and gave me nothing to build a great life for myself. I want to be successful. I want to be rich. I want to be educated. I knew this when I was at school but I had nothing to help me. I wasn’t ready to be even a poor sugar babe.

Judge me if you want but I reached my goal and I didn’t get there by accident.

Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – Don’t pity me
I started work to becoming a poor sugar babe hoping to become a wealthy one when I was in secondary school. I saw no other chance to become rich let alone a millionaire without a sugar daddy. I know what you are thinking “poor sugar babe”. Don’t you dare pity me! I worked hard, I had a goal and I succeeded. I am rich, wealthy beyond my dreams. My sugar daddy is a millionaire and this “poor sugar babe” has made it.

Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – What I needed to become
I wasn’t going to become a poor sugar babe overnight. I wasn’t going to become rich just as I was. A millionaire wasn’t just going to make poor old me their sugar babe without me putting something in myself. is filled with potential poor sugar babes looking to become wealthy through the intervention of a rich sugar daddy. A millionaire sugar daddy has his pick girls. To be the poor sugar babe who got chosen to become rich by a wealthy sugar daddy I had to know what a millionaire wanted.

I needed to be:

What is a poor sugar babe to do? Many of the things on the list required me to be at least a little bit rich to achieve. My family was far from wealthy so how the hell was I going to bag me a millionaire sugar daddy?poor sugar babe

I was attractive but I needed every advantage. I learned all I could about make up and skin care. I studied hair dressing at the local salon and through volunteering I learned all I could about how to cut and style myself. I could never afford plastic surgery but at the same time my nose had to go. Hockey was out as I needed to keep my legs perfect so I joined the basketball team when I was 11. It took me longer than I thought it would to get a broken nose but that was okay as the game kept me fit. At the age of 14 I took a ball to the face and I felt it crack. I had done my research and I faked breathing problems with the nose until the NHS paid for a top surgeon to perform a nose job on me to straighten out the problem. The surgeon sat with me and talked through the procedure. I asked him as many questions as I could get away with and pretended I was hoping to be a doctor. Eventually he admitted that it would take no extra time or effort to shape my nose to perfection. Tears, batted eye lashes and the polishing of his professional ego worked wonders. I was well on my way to being a poor sugar babe. I had just bent my first rich sugar daddy to my will. I had my sights set much higher though and whilst the doctor was wealthy he wasn’t the millionaire I wanted.

The basketball team kept me fit and the school had a gym. The gym was rubbish but it had enough for me to sculpt my body to perfection as puberty did its work. I quit basketball after the nose break since this poor sugar babe didn’t want her chances of grabbing a wealthy sugar daddy to be ruined by another broken nose. I wasn’t going to get rich and grab a millionaire sugar daddy with a nose like Stephen Fry. I was happy with my body but it wasn’t exactly right. At 16 I realised that I had reached the heights of what I could do and mother nature had done her part. Toned was good but this poor sugar babe needed flawless. Fortunately the boy’s PE teacher used to be a professional personal trainer. He sugar daddy quit after he broke his leg. The rumour was that he had the leg broken by a jealous husband. This sugar daddy was not rich but he gave me what I needed. In exchange for sex he trained me to perfection. This killed two birds with one stone as the boys I had screwed at school were frankly useless. Mr Tucker taught me so much.

So I was fit. I was attractive. I was sexually experienced and sexually adventurous. I knew I was intelligent but university was out of reach. This poor sugar babe had to do it herself. I worked my way through the school library and then the local one too. I needed more and started to date a few students no sugar daddies from the local university whilst I was in sixth form so that I could get access to the library there too. In the end I managed to steal student IDs allowing me to access the library and attend lectures on a range of subjects.

Business and fashion were easy to crack. Poor sugar babeI was already spending every spare moment either keeping fit, sleeping with various people, volunteering in the salon or studying. Business and fashion were just more examples of things to learn.


Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – The next steps

I had great GCSEs and A-Levels. I had enough knowledge to finish the first couple of years of several degrees but my family could never afford to send me to university. Here I was in a disgusting council flat with dreams of meeting my sugar daddy. My mum had teeth missing and smoked like a chimney. My father drank all his benefits money. My brother took and dealt heroin. My poor sugar babe clothes were whatever I could afford after these creatures were done. This poor sugar babe had moved so far from her family that I couldn’t think of them as the same species as me. I scoured the charity sugar babe  shops for acceptable clothes and eventually I managed to assemble a wardrobe that went some way to hide my origins.

It wasn’t enough.

I continued to train, to read and to perfect make up and hair dressing techniques. Naked I was every inch the poor sugar babe I wanted to be. I could chat the chat, screw the screw and so on but so much was missing. I knew about perfect clothing in theory only. I knew about high class dining as an abstract concept. So much was missing. I was still just a poor council estate girl playing dress up. How was this poor sugar babe to snag a sugar daddy?

I needed money and I needed experience. Being well spoken and well read helped me to get a job as a receptionist at the local exclusive hotel. To bulk out my hours I waited on tables and helped clean rooms. I wasn’t proud. I knew that to become a poor sugar babe and snag the perfect sugar daddy I would have to work hard at it. Poor sugar babeI was exposed to the culture I wanted to join and I treated it as another lesson. At break time I got to try the food and sleeping with the chef and playing the lost little lamb got him teaching me all that there was to know about cuisine. Petty theft when cleaning the rooms brought me a little extra cash and slowly helped to build a wardrobe.

Food. Fashion. Fitness. Slowly but surely I was turning into the woman I wanted to be.


Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – Next steps

I logged back into and compared myself with the girls there. I was better than at least 40% of them. It was a start. I needed to do more to push me above the university trained reasonably wealthy sugar babe girls who were above me. A boob job was out of the question and if I went much larger I’d risk sagging in just a decade or so which would end up with me getting traded in for a newer model. I also needed to earn enough money to gain access to the VIP area of the website. I considered escorting but that wasn’t were I wanted to end up and the last thing I needed was to bump into a former client when I was out with my sugar daddy.

I was also lacking worldly wisdom.

What was a poor sugar babe to do?Poor sugar babe

I thought about taking a slightly less wealthy sugar daddy and using him to get rich enough to trade up but despite what you may think of me I am not out to use anyone. I was after love. An advert in the university paper of poor sugar babe (I still attended courses and read up on a huge variety of subjects when I had spare time) go me thinking. A number of charities were looking for volunteers to work around the globe. I could never afford the cost of these trips but…

…it is amazing what a trainee poor sugar babe can do to older men. He wasn’t rich, hardly wealthy at all but he served as a sugar daddy for me. The man ran the charity and he melted in my hand when he attended the university to meet those applying to go on the trip. My first real sugar babe experience of life with a sugar daddy was as a literal poor sugar babe. Darren owned the charity and he could not let me out of his life. I adored him back and in return he gave me various jobs in his different projects around the world. I got an economy taste of the jet set life travelling to Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and many other places too. I tasted food from dozens of cultures and appreciated it with the palette that my time at the hotel had given me.

I was now fit. I was toned. I knew food. I knew fashion. I had toured the world. I had gradually collected clothing. I knew business. I knew more than most graduates. All I needed now was the money to join the VIP section of the site.

Leaving Darren was hard but his reference got me a job in the city. Living frugally I got the money together quickly.Poor sugar babe

Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough? – The conclusion
It took me over ten years to get to a point where I was happy to start building my profile on but I was finally there. I checked out the competition and instantly I knew that I blew the lot of them away. There was only one title I could put on my profile that would fit: Poor sugar babe seeks rich sugar daddy (ideally a millionaire): Are you wealthy enough?

I snagged Charles within a week. He has paid for me to sit degrees in four subjects through Open University and he will sponsor my PhD in 18th century English literature. We will be married in the autumn on the top of the Burg Khalifa.

I was a poor sugar babe but soon I will be a wealthy sugar wife.