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is sugar dating legal

Is sugar dating legal – Meet your Sugar Daddy online

Sugar dating is often considered a taboo subject especially since money is involved, leading many to compare it with prostitution. There are websites that arrange relationships between young beautiful young women with older rich men. In these types of arrangement, the young woman has the potential to earn thousands from the rich older, and in return, she offers some sort of companionship. While money and gifts are involved in such a an agreement, by law, this arrangement will only become illegal if there is a specific agreement where money or material possessions will actually be exchanged for sex. Furthermore, for it to be considered illegal, the agreement must be proved to be explicit and be consummated immediately. Thus, since the arrangement does not meet this criterion, then it can be considered legal. In most cases, the arrangement will involve two adults who engage in a relationship in which sex is not an explicit requirement. The two consensual adults will instead agree for some companionship and an allowance will likely be involved. Nonetheless, this does not mean that sex is out of the equation, it is just means that it not the primary motivation when having such an arrangement.

Why is sugar dating legal

Life in modern day is very difficult especially for young women going to college. Most of these young women will try very hard to make things work for them and most will even engage in a job or two just to make up of for their necessities. Even so, many will still end up with huge debts and if they are lucky to find a job after completing college, they will likely use most of their salaries paying off debt. Young women, especially those in college or those trying to make it in life need to have fun sometimes. While some may have boyfriends, it is very hard for their male counterparts to pamper them since they may both be in the same boat. Many girls are now finding out that they can seek arrangements with an older man who is able to pamper them and help them out with the problems they face. These older rich men are more than willing to help these beautiful, young and ambitious women get through college without incurring huge debts, while at the same time having fun. What is appealing about these relationships is that both parties get to set conditions on how to go about the arrangement. The rich sugar daddy may ask for companionship from the sugar baby, such as accompanying him to events, going on night outs and going for vacations among others. In return, the sugar daddy may provide an allowance as agreed to take care of the young girls tuition, pay for her apartment, buy her clothes, pay for her trips or even provide with her transportation allowances among others.

Most of these sugar daddies will be wise, established and ambitious men who have made it in life. Some of them will even have families and are just looking for a way to escape their boring marriage life and just have fun for a little while. It is common to find that most of these men live in relationships in which their wives fail to give them what they desire. They are therefore just looking for something more which they are not getting at home. You may find that many of these men actually love their wives and may not be open to the idea of leaving them just that they need a younger woman who can arouse their desires. In return, they will give some form of compensation to a younger woman. A major difference between a sugar baby and a prostitute is that in a sugar arrangement, sex is not an explicit requirement and if the man wanted to fulfill his sexual desires, he could have simply sought the services of a hooker. The profile for most these sugar daddies is that they are rich and are willing to part with some of their finances for the right sugar baby.

The sugar daddy sugar baby arrangements mostly start online. Those interested in such arrangement post profiles in which they state what they want in such an arrangement. The man may for example state that he wants a woman between 25-35 years, be blonde and at least have a college degree. He may also state his salary range. On the other hand, a woman may specify the age group of the sugar daddy she is seeking. The sugar baby will also specify the range of allowance she expects. Furthermore, she may also specify what she has to offer. One of the major attractions in these sites is that they advice people to be brutally honest about what they want to provide. Since a sugar daddy is a rich man who has many connections, he may be able to advice younger girls about life, careers and family. Furthermore, when tow people are truly honest about their expectations and what they plan to bring to the table, negotiations can flow smoothly, leaving no room for disappointment.

Prostitution is illegal, while sugar dating is legal

A key distinction between a sugar baby arrangement and prostitution is that a sugar daddy arrangement is a relationship. Relationship should be the keyword here. On the other hand, a prostitute will offer sexual services to any client she meets, while a sugar baby forms an ongoing relationship which is legal according to the law. A sugar daddy relationship may be considered as a type of friends with benefit. So if a friend decides to give out gifts or monetary compensation, it should not be considered illegal. Actually, a sugar daddy relationship provides an avenue in which two adults can have an honest, safe and non-committal relationship with the added bonus of receiving compensation. Committing to one person is really a big decision to make especially for young girls who want to enjoy life before settling down to have a family. If a chance comes along in which a man is willing to provide happiness and fun with no strings attached and you have the power to negotiate a deal, why not take it? These men are often more than willing to let you enjoy yourself and have fun with them. The only question you should be asking yourself is not whether this arrangement is legal, but where to find and keep such a man willing to pamper you beyond your wildest dreams.

Another reason why these arrangements may not be considered as prostitution is that there is actually chemistry. On the other hand, a prostitution arrangement is usually a one-off exchange between money and sex. Most of the people on a sugar baby arrangement rarely have sex on the first date. If sex is on the agreement and both parties consent to it, then it becomes part of the relationship. One can compare it to when a man gives money to his wife. One of major attractions of sugar daddy arrangements is that they can be considered healthy. When two people a brutally honest to each and clearly state what they expect in a relationship, chances of disappointment are rare since each party knew what they were getting themselves into. Most of the people coming into these arrangements are only seeking to have a good time with no commitment issues and not really looking to find a soul mate. It is better to go in a relationship in which both parties mutually agree and set conditions for the relationship. Most relationships are a give and take, and with this relationship arrangement, you get to arrange beforehand what you expect to receive and what you are willing to give. If it is not satisfactory, you are free to leave and find another partner.

is sugar dating legal

is sugar dating legal

Is sugar dating legal and what are the rules involved

In these types of arrangements finding a sugar daddy that is willing to take care of your needs and make your dreams come true requires real persistence. Furthermore, one of the hardest thing is being able to keep your sugar daddy given the vast number of beautiful young women ready to pounce on him should you let your guard down. One of the important things to understand is that a sugar daddy is seeking to have some fun. Most of these men are married and they seek these arrangements as a means of seeking an escape from their boring life. Thus, for you to be successful and keep the honey flowing your way, you will need to be devilishly fun. This means that you are always entertaining. Most men love sophisticated women with an aura of mystery. Marriage life can sometimes be boring especially as it becomes a routine and men, like predators, are always fantasizing about getting out there and feeling the adrenaline rush. If you want to keep your sugar daddy, give him enough so he does not go looking for it from another younger catch, but do not give him everything as this may bore him. Just make sure he always has something to come back for. You should also at times take the initiative and propose doing something new and fun. You may be surprised at how men jump at the idea of having a woman show the initiative.

Most of the sugar daddies are in these arrangements simply to have fun, and as a sugar baby, you should be drama free and not constantly nag him. If you intend to keep your sugar daddy for long and even have chances of having your allowances increased, you need to provide for him what his wife does not. This means that you should get to know as much as possible about what he likes and what irritates him. However, be careful not to be too attached as this may be a deal breaker since most of these relationships are non-committal. Always appear mysterious and maintain your appearances. You should never get too comfortable in such a relationship since you may never know if there are other beautiful young women waiting for an opportunity to lure him. Always try to be on your A-game. In this type of relationship, always try to communicate if you think something is not going right in the arrangement. You should also not shy away in asking for more than you are receiving, but always be sure you are not driven by greed and always ask for what you think he can afford. Remember that honesty in a sugar daddy arrangement will go a long way in ensuring the arrangement is successful. You should also not back away from your end of the bargain.

An important distinction between a prostitute and a sugar baby is that while prostitution is a profession, being a sugar baby is a lifestyle. Being a sugar baby entails that a woman wants to date a man who is financially stable and is thus able to take care of her and fulfill her dreams. A sugar baby will be selective on the man she picks, as opposed to a prostitute who does not pick on whoever her client is. A sugar baby will usually be an equal partner in such an arrangement, while a prostitute will only be there to provide a sexual service.

A sugar baby may be a career woman and she may seek an established, wise and older man who can help her advance her career. These older men are usually good mentors and it may not come as a surprise when a woman tells them of their plans to get ahead in life and the sugar daddy jumps on board to make sure the woman succeeds. A good advice is to be honest with your sugar daddy. For example, if you are seeking financial assistance from him, it is good to tell him what you plan to do with the money. Many of these sugar daddies will be more than willing to help and they may even see as an investment.