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Negotiating with sugar daddy

Negotiating with sugar daddy tactics

Living a life full of luxury is a dream every girl has. However, making a living and enjoying the fine things in life is not easy. This reason has led many girls into sugar dating. Sugar dating gives you the opportunity to wine and dine without spending your own money. But for you to enjoy this kind of life you must consider negotiating with sugar daddy about allowances. Negotiating with sugar daddy is not easy. Here are some important things to bear in mind when negotiating.

Negotiating with Sugar Daddy

Negotiating with Sugar Daddy

Main factors to consider when negotiating with sugar Daddy

The type of arrangement you have with your sugar daddy is an aspect you should think of before negotiating your allowance. Sugar dating offers different types of arrangement. Some arrangements involve allowances from the start while others are strict on financial matters. Arrangements that involve allowances from the beginning ensure the sugar babe creates time for the sugar daddy when he has free time away from work and family. Therefore, negotiating with sugar daddy about allowances is urgent with this type of arrangement.

When your arrangement involves dinner, trips and expensive gifts with no finances, negotiating with sugar daddy becomes a casual discussion. This type of arrangement entitles the sugar baby to offer companionship to her sugar daddy. The issue of allowances is not discussed until both parties have an agreement of taking their relationship to the next level.

What not to do when negotiating with sugar daddy about allowances

Trying to decide how much the allowance should be at the beginning of negotiations is something you should avoid. Be patient and wait for other details to be outlined. You should also wait for the sugar daddy to propose a certain amount. If you feel the amount is little, you can negotiate based on your needs.

Negotiating with sugar daddy, things you should not overlook

Sugar babes should weigh the financial status of the sugar daddy vs their own needs. The needs of sugar babes vary in many ways. A sugar baby may be seeking a sugar daddy to cater for her bills and offer a luxury lifestyle at the same time. Another sugar baby might be in search of a sugardaddy to feel pampered with the best things in life. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate your needs and determine what you exactly need from a sugar daddy.

Remember not all sugar daddies are millionaires. Your potential sugar daddy may not be capable of buying you an expensive car or rent a lavish apartment. But if he is in a position to offer good allowances why not take it. Take time to listen to what he has to offer then you can start negotiating with sugar daddy.