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My Sugar Daddy is Married

My Sugar Daddy is Married?
One of the biggest questions that my friends have regarding their sugar daddy is “What do I do if my sugar daddy is married?”, the answer: have even more fun!
When you part take in having a sugar daddy, there is a big chance that he already has a wife at home, and maybe even a few kids. For example, my sugar daddy is married, but that even adds more excitement into the equation, let me tell you why.

My Sugar Daddy is Married

My Sugar Daddy is Married? Use it to Your Advantage

Let’s get it straight, since my sugar daddy is married, I know exactly what that man needs. You have to understand that he’s looking for something a little extra fun in his life and thats where you come into play. You are essentially the other women, but don’t let that scare you. He’s basically getting a little tired of his wife and needs a little more excitement. Whether that’s in the bedroom, intimate conversations or fun activity, your sugar daddy needs more attention. You have to figure out what exactly he needs, and offer it to him using it to your advantage. For example, since my sugar daddy is married, I’ve noticed that what he desires is to flirt and restart that fun spark back into his love life. So now we always go on exotic romantic dinners (secretly, of course) and flirt until we finish th bottle of wine!

My Sugar Daddy is Married? Be The Other Women

You have to remember that you are the other women. But you have to be the better more put together version than his actual wife. What does that include for me since my sugar daddy is married? Simple, it requires me to be my best self. I make sure to keep my apartment clean when he comes over, I keep fresh cut flowers in each room, I wear French perfume to create a romantic smell and I cook him beautiful meals to show how much I care for him!
My Sugar Daddy is Married? Give That Poor Man Some Attention
Basically, he needs a little more love and attention within his life. Tell that man that he is incredible, significant, and that you can’t live without him. Buy some lace lingerie for him and put on a fashion show, pour him glasses of wine, massage his back,and do everything to make your sugar daddy happy! Since my sugar daddy is married, I understand that it’s my job to give him attention, love and excitement. Every man seeks reassurance that he is a prominent figure, and remember, that is exactly what your married sugar daddy needs. Now go show him why he needs you, and have a fun time together!