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my sugar daddy bought me a car

my sugar daddy bought me a car – A generous sugar daddy

Life is not always a smooth ride or a bed of roses. This is especially so for young women going through college. Apart from the pressures imparted by college, many may find themselves working multiple jobs just to meet their money and shopping needs. While some of these college going women may be fortunate enough to have rich parents who can afford to take care of them while they go through college, not all of them are lucky. Some may even find this life stressing and even decide to drop out of college. However, this should not be the case. There are rich men out there looking to get in a dating relationship with a sugar baby and it is all with no strings attached. Read on to see how I found a rich man with lots of money and how my sugar daddy bought me car. You will also get lots of tips on how you can join the exclusive group of sugar baby girls enjoying the luxuries life has to provide and all with no strings attached.

How my sugar daddy bought me a car?

Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff on how you can join this bandwagon, here is my story on how my sugar daddy bought me car. I was a college student and very broke. This was despite the fact that I was working almost three shift jobs. While I could afford to get some money to take care of some of my basic shopping needs such as food and buying some cheap clothes, I could not afford to pay for my tuition. I did not come from a rich family and thus I was not lucky enough to have parents who could take care of my tuition fees unlike most of my friends. Life was stressful and my grades had started to suffer. I was contemplating dropping out until one of my friends gave me a suggestion to join a sugar baby dating site to just check it out and see how it goes. I can attest the decision I took later was the turning point in my life. I met a rich man who offered to not only take care of my needs with no strings attached, but also shower me with the best luxuries this world can provide and even surprisingly, my sugar daddy bought me a car. She love him because she get the car. It’s a act of a special friendship. Her Love will be increased.

At first I was sceptical about joining a sugar baby dating site. This was especially informed by the negative reviews about sugar babies who are either considered as gold diggers or prostitutes. However, my friend advised me not to be worried about anything since she too was a sugar baby. Although I was not entirely convinced about entering into such a sugar baby dating relationship, I decided to just check it out since I had nothing to lose and this is why I always consider myself lucky after my sugar daddy bought me a car. He is a rich sugardaddy and his money will enable that he get every woman. He execute the negotiate for his sugarbaby, because he would like to buy a car. So he will join this dating site.

my sugar daddy bought me a car

my sugar daddy bought me a car

I simply signed in the sugar baby dating website and provided a few details about myself. I stayed about a week and had nearly forgotten about the sugar baby dating site. I decided to check it out just out of curiosity to see if I had any hits on my profile. To my surprise, I found about 30 messages from potential rich sugar daddies trying to contact me. I could not believe and thus I decided to go through their profiles one by one to see if there was any one that interested me. I even enlisted the help of my friend to help me in choosing a rich sugar daddy. We settled for one and I replied to his message. This sparked a series of events and this decision in entering a sugar baby dating relationship was success and even my sugar daddy bought me a car. There are rich guys who have the right intention. They meet sugar babies because he are looking for babies that have the right attitude. They have to be an open mind.

After I had decided on the sugar daddy, what followed were some email exchanges until I was convinced he was the kind of man I wanted. We exchanged telephone numbers and decided on location to meet up. What was especially different about this dating relationship is that there was no pressure and both of us could decide and negotiate on what we wanted and it was even surprising when my sugar daddy bought me a car which was not even in the negotiations.

When we first decided to meet, I was a bit scared since it was the first time I was meeting a complete stranger. However, we both decided to meet in a location that was open and comfortable. My rich sugar daddy was very understanding and he did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. It was surprising how we bonded instantly since there was no pressure and each of us could speak our hearts out. After our first meeting, we met various times and every time I felt confident to open up and tell him about my situation. My sugar daddy was very compassionate and supportive. He would even suggest on what I needed to do to make my life easier. It came as a surprise when he even proposed to take care of my tuition fees, shopping expenses and when my sugar daddy bought me a car, I was in cloud nine, and it was all in exchange for a relationship.

This did not come to surprise for me as I had already started liking him. It was time to say goodbye to the stressful and hardship experiences of college and to now start enjoying the best things in life, and all with no strings attached. Just like my sugar daddy bough me a car and took care of all my money needs, you too can get to enjoy the finer things in life.

my sugar daddy bought me a car

my sugar daddy bought me a car

Why should I get into a sugar baby dating relationship?

While money may be a huge motivator in getting into a sugar daddy dating arrangement, this is not always the case. Everybody has different tastes and many women may want different things. Some may want to wear the latest trending clothes, others may want a rich man to take of their tuition, others may want to sample the best dishes in town and others may want to go on exotic trips among other things. While I was lucky when my sugar daddy bought me a car, what is important is that this type of an arrangement is like a negotiation and one is therefore free to ask for whatever they want. In addition, a sugar baby needs to understand that since it is a negotiation, they should also be willing to give something in return so that both parties can get something out of the arrangement. If a sugar baby is in this relationship for financial reasons, then it is important to have realistic expectations that will not scare away potential rich sugar daddies, just like I did when my sugar daddy bought me a car. She has a realistic point of view. He is a rich sugardday and he centre one’s attention on his current sugarbaby. A rich sugardaddy could spend a lot of money but a professional sugarbaby is in parctice. She is able to influence the decisions of her sugardaddy.

It is true that every young woman wants to enjoy a fun life without the stresses that come from lacking financial means. With a sugar daddy dating relationship, finances do not need to be an impediment to have a fun life. There are literary thousands of rich men out there who are not only willing, but also who are able to give you the best in life. Just like my sugar daddy bought me a car, you will always find a man who is willing to take care even for your wildest needs. All it requires is for you to be brutally honest about what you expect to get from the sugar baby dating arrangement and how far you are willing to go. Furthermore, since this is a mutually beneficial relationship, any party can walk out. This means that if you do not think you are receiving what you had bargained for, then you can walk out. It is important for young women to clearly state what it is they expect to get from such a relationship just like I did before my sugar daddy bought me a car. This will minimize the chances of getting disappointed. In addition, it means that you can get as close possible to what you are negotiating for. She has a strong mind and her experience increase. She meets some sugardaddys since she is twenty one.

What are the conditions for getting into a sugar baby dating arrangement?

Before my sugar daddy bought me a car, I was a bit sceptical about asking him for anything. Even though I was going through some money problems and did not even have enough shopping to take me through, I figured out that if I was patient enough, I would get what I wanted or more such as when my sugar daddy bought me a car. I figured out that my sugar daddy was a cool man and thus by giving him time, we would come to trust each other, and when we were comfortable enough we could negotiate what we wanted to get out of the relationship. Sure enough, after some few dates, me and my sugar daddy were comfortable enough to talk more truthfully about our lives and what we thought was lacking to make us happy. It was not long after that he surprised me by telling me he was prepared to take care of all my money and shopping needs. However, what surprised me was when he reached out to his pocket and gave me some keys. At first I did not really comprehend what they were for. I thought he wanted me to drive him around, until he pointed me to a car packed just outside where we were having out date. He told me the car was now mine. I could not believe that my sugar daddy bought me a car, took care of all my shopping and money needs, just in exchange for a relationship.

One of the best advice I received from my friend before my sugar daddy bought me a car is that patience always pays. As I was first getting into this sugar baby dating relationship, I thought that I would get a rich man straight away and that all my money and shopping would disappear. However, my friend advised me that if I was getting into this relationship because I was desperate for money or shopping needs, then I would end more hurt. This is the best advice I can say I received, and it was the patience I showed that ensured my sugar daddy bought me a car.

It is important to understand that these rich men also have issues and needs of their own, and if they are to commit in assisting you in taking care of your money and shopping needs, then they have to feel their money is worth it. When my sugar daddy bought me a car, I felt I was worth it because I had invested my time with him. This could have been completely different had I just gone and demanded money since it would have been like a transaction, rather than a relationship.

What should I fill in my sugar baby dating website?

Before my sugar daddy bought me a car, I understood that I had to make the best impression. This meant that I had to post a profile picture in the sugar baby website that showed me as decent, fun and sophisticated sugar baby. While at first money and shopping problems were the main reasons I wanted to get into a sugar baby relationship, I did not let this show. I was also conscious not to post pictures that were not descent, since this would send a wrong idea to potential sugar daddies and I could even have not been lucky as I was when my sugar daddy bought me a car. She is giving an advice because there is a fact which is important to mention. A rich sugardaddy could be a good partner for serveral month but not for eternal. After some weeks. He is looking for younger and babies.

Even when my sugar daddy bought me a car, I had to confirm with him that the rules of the sugar baby dating arrangement had not changed. I was surprised that he did not object to this and told me he would adhere to what we had agreed on. It is important to stick to your principles and also respect the rules you laid out with your sugar daddy. This will ensure you both enjoy a healthy relationship where both of you get what they bargain for. If you want to be a lucky as I was, simply sign up to a sugar baby dating website and just like when my sugar daddy bought me a car, you may not know where your luck may take you.