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My Sugar Daddy Affair

My Sugar Daddy Affair

Hi Girls. I am a 21-year-old graduate female used to dating guys my own age. Don’t get me wrong they were mostly great guys but they all wanted the same thing: sex. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s all they had to offer. They had little experience in life to talk about and little money to take me to nice places. I soon got bored with the same routine; a pub, a burger from the van outside then back to his. Girls need to be treated nicely to feel good. Here is a sample of the older guys I’ve met through the Sugar-Dating -Site.

My Sugar Daddy Affair

My Sugar Daddy Affair with Justin.

My Sugar Daddy Affair lifestyle kicked off with Justin. I knew Justin was not after love or a life partner and that was okay with me. Justin was a successful photographer called to shoots all over the world. At 57 he was tall, lean and devilishly good looking. My Sugar Daddy Affair with Justin lasted six months during which he took me with him to Thailand, Kenya and Canada. We stayed at the top hotels and while he worked I spent time at the spa, reading, shopping, sightseeing, or just relaxing by the pool. The evenings were My Sugar Daddy Affair time, if you know what I mean! It was a blissful time but we both knew it was not forever.

My Sugar Daddy Affair with Leo

My Sugar Daddy Affair with Leo was so different! He had contacted the Sugar-Dating-Site wanting a girl who would listen to him. Leo, an artist, with a huge inheritance from his parents, lived in Edinburgh in a beautiful rented apartment. Leo bought me clothes and a car to say thank you for just spending time together, chatting and being ‘his lady.’ A sweet, gentle soul; I think he was one of my favourites.

My Sugar Daddy Affair with Simon

My Sugar Daddy Affair with Simon was a real whirlwind romance. Simon needed a young woman to show off to his colleagues. He was 65 when we met but looked ten years younger. With Simon I was always on show and so was the jewellery he gave me and asked me to wear. We were out partying every night, I’d never had so much fun before. We laughed together and our shared sense of humour was one of the best things in our affair. He made me feel so special when I was with him, almost like I was a precious jewel myself.

So, there you are, three wonderful guys, each special in his own way. Each experienced, intelligent, generous.

What do you think Girls?