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My Rich Sugar Daddy

My Rich Sugar Daddy Experience

I want to talk to you today a little about my rich sugar daddy experience. I am a sugar baby and have been for around five months now. The greatest and most exciting five months of my life! I’ve gone from worrying about how to pay the rent to travelling the world. There are those who may think badly of me for choosing this lifestyle, but we are both very happy with our arrangement and care very deeply for one another. We both have different needs and are in a position to fulfil those needs for each other. He has become so much more than simply my rich sugar daddy and I adore spending time with him.

my rich sugar daddy

I don’t want to use our real names because we have both experienced some negativity and misunderstanding from those around us as a result of our relationship. I will simply refer to him as ‘my rich sugar daddy’ throughout the article, although that term does feel a little insignificant to describe the full depth of our relationship.

How I Found my Rich Sugar Daddy

I first decided to look for my rich sugar daddy around a year ago when I was truly desperate for a way to pay the bills. I saw an article online about the sugar daddy lifestyle and felt a huge pang of jealousy for the girl featured in the article. It wasn’t fair that she had this amazing exotic lifestyle while I was sat at home desperately applying for job after job with no success. I signed up for My Sugar Daddy right away, but it was several months before I was brave enough to attempt to talk to anyone on there. I wish I had done it much sooner!

I first got chatting to my man late one evening after I stumbled across his profile. We had many of the same interests and hit it off straight away. We were both clear about exactly what we were looking for and felt that we were a good match, so decided to meet up. Rarely have I had so much in common with someone so quickly. We talked for hours that night, and the relationship just evolved from there.

My Rich Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

Immediately after we started dating, my rich sugar daddy asked if there was anything he could help me with financially. He told me that money really was no object for him and he wanted to make me as happy as I made him. All he wanted in return was my company and my conversation. I told him that I was struggling with the rent, so he set up a direct debit to pay it for me. That was just the start. We eat at the most exclusive restaurants in the city and I regularly accompany him on business trips around the world – shopping with his credit card while he’s in the meetings and spending the night in the swankiest 5* hotels. I don’t have to worry about money any more so it’s given me the time to work on my own business – something I’ve wanted to do for years. As a self made business man, my rich sugar daddy is very supportive and gives me lots of advice. Perhaps soon I won’t need his money at all!