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My Rich Sugar Daddy Reviews

My rich Sugar Daddy reviews – What is a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy’s are wealthy men looking for young beautiful women. The meet online through sugar daddy dating websites. The popular global phenomenon of sugar dating is heavily stigmatised. Young women from all over the world are using sugar daddy dating to alleviate debt from university fees. The fantasy of a sugar daddy for some is irresistible but can one really find romance on a sugar daddy chat site?

My rich Sugar Daddy reviews

Writing my rich sugar daddy Reviews

Sugar daddy’s spend time on sugar daddy websites ogling at the sugar babes who are showing their wares. Sugar Babes may want to spend some time on sugar daddy chat sites which could help inform their decisions. High-Class wanna be sugar babes may want to read my rich sugar daddy reviews which can help them find a millionaire or even a billionaire. When working on my rich sugar daddy reviews for online media the overwhelming impression I got was that if one is looking for a woman for sale then look no further than sugar daddy web sites. Feminism should look on sugar daddy chat sites as the misogyny of the modern age but there are third wave feminists that see sugar daddy dating as empowering women. Sugar Daddy dating websites try to paint a picture of mutual benefits for the parties involved but to me it seems androcentric. Put simply the women are in it for the money and the men are in it for the companionship(sex). As androcentric as sugar daddy chat sites may at first appear there is something in it for the women. The glamour of dating a sugar daddy. The Gucci handbags, the Jimmy Choo shoes. Sugar daddy needs his ego massaged. The more that ego is massaged the greater the reward.

Researching my rich sugar daddy Reviews

The first sugar daddy would not have known what the internet is let alone what a sugar daddy chat site is. Researching the history of sugar daddy’s for my rich sugar daddy reviews lead me to Adolph Spreckels who in 1908 and heir to a sugar fortune married a woman who was 24 years younger the he.

Reading my rich sugar daddy Reviews

On reflection after reading my rich sugar daddy reviews it seemed to me that the sexual objectification of women is perhaps foremost expressed in popular culture by the Playboy Bunny. Hugh Hefner lives with his Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy mansion. In contemporary life sugar daddy chat sites enable affluent men to meet the Playboy bunny of their dreams. Someone like Anna Nicole Smith. She was Playmate of the Year in 1993. In 1994 the 26 year old married an octogenarian oil tycoon thereby becoming one of the world’s most famous celebrity gold diggers.