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kissing my sugar daddy

Why Kissing my Sugar Daddy has Always been Exciting and Memorable

Kissing plays a significant role in any relationship. It improves the bond between couples. When you kiss your sugar daddy, and he returns the kiss passionately, it has a far reaching implication. For instance, it will reveal the exact feelings he has for you. Therefore, as an elegant sugar baby who wants to gain hugely regarding money or other favors, you should know how to give and return a kiss. The fact is it’s one of the things that will spice up your sugar dating relationship. Therefore when you go out for a date, and return without receiving or giving a kiss, then something is wanting in your sugar baby dating skills. A sugardaddy like a girl who is looking forward to have sex this night. Maybe they will become a couple. But not the typical kind of couples. It’s like a special friendship.

A beautiful chic must always be ready for a kiss. I don’t always assume that the right opportunity will present itself for kissing my sugar daddy. On the contrary, I always strive to look neat and beautifully dressed. Cosmetics also play an important role in my overall neatness.. My motto is to either get prepared for kissing my sugar daddy or make myself incredibly alluring for a kiss. Therefore any sugar baby who wants an exciting and memorable kiss with her sugar daddy has to lay out the right foundation. Sugardaddy like a girl with a special look.

That is why I want to share out the smart tips outlined below. The tips have transformed kissing my sugar daddy from dull to a thrilling experience.

1. Work on your hygiene and keep off bad breath

Eliminating bad breath is by far my first fundamental rule on kissing my sugar daddy. I always strive to bring out my very best look. Daily brushing of my teeth is a must. Besides, I value flossing. It helps to remove hidden stains, and food remains that the brush couldn’t reach. Nothing kills the urge for a kiss like bad breath. As a sugar baby, one of my certain moments for kissing my sugar daddy is while we are out on a date. Hence I have found the following helpful in keeping the fresh breath in readiness for a kiss;

• Avoiding garlic infused meals. Instead sipping water occasionally to moisten my mouth
• Sipping orange juice or using citrus juice as a mouthwash. It helps to keep my breath fresh and add a stingy taste to my kisses
• Chewing mint or gum as a quick alternative to fresh breath
In addition to keeping off bad breath make sure you smell nice. Use your money to buy the appropriate perfume and lip balm.

2. A sugar baby must know his sugar daddy’s erogenous zones

After some research and experimentation, I found out the key spots to concentrate on when kissing my sugar daddy. For example, he enjoys deep kissing. So likewise you should experiment with your rich man and find what tickles him and what he doesn’t enjoy. If it is some light kisses on the cheek or earlobe, then why not give it? That is of particular importance if the intent of the kisses is arousal, leading to intimacy.

kissing my sugar daddy

kissing my sugar daddy

3. Consider kissing in a unique environment

I have always found it unpleasant to restrict a particular location for kissing my sugar daddy. Kissing doesn’t have to be a predictive routine. I find it amusing and exciting when kissing my sugar daddy for example while on a dance floor, in a car park or while sited on an elevated position enjoying green landscapes. Kissing my sugar daddy in a unique surrounding is both enjoyable for us. He particularly enjoys when I sneak some seconds to plant a kiss on him. In my sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship, we enjoy leisure traveling since money allows. Whenever we come back from the leisure trips, I like kissing my sugar daddy goodbye over the car window.

4. Engage both your mind and body when kissing your sugar daddy

You have to show him affection in that kiss. Blend your bodies in that kiss. One of the body parts that I have to employ when kissing my sugar daddy is my hand. While kissing my sugar daddy, I just find my hands tracing his back from up going downwards. Pulling him closer and feeling the contrast between his masculinity against my soft skins, makes the kiss even pleasurable.

Your sugar daddy pampers you with money to take care of your skin. Let him feel your sweet sugar baby skin. Enclose him tightly in your arms, caress his face and kiss him with joy. By so doing, your date and you will even be tighter in the relationship. What’s the best way to end a date other than kissing your sugar daddy goodbye?

5. Vary the rhythm of your kisses

If you don’t want to bump on the face of your date in the name of a kiss, then begin at a slower pace. Feathery or soft kisses are the best starters. Commence by planting soft kisses on his cheeks and lips. The smart baby must know when to alternate her kisses. While kissing my sugar daddy, I pay attention to the tension between us. Just when it starts to build up, and the kisses become frequent, that’s when I vary the pace and the intensity of the kisses. I then jerk off from my date and immediately follow it with soft kisses. After kissing my sugar daddy in the manner described above, he gets turned on for wild kisses.

An intelligent sugar baby must know how to keep his date glued and anticipate for the next kisses. In that manner, I have managed to make every kissing moment exciting and worth looking forward to with anticipation. Sex is another option for the sugarbaby to show her affection. This works very good. The wealthy sugardaddy use his money to bind his sugar baby. He is rich and like good looking girls.

6. Before kissing my sugar daddy for a prolonged period, I first position myself strategically and set the mood right

A sugar baby who longs for a hot and protracted passionate kiss must get the mood and location right. Right from the onset of your date, for example, get the setting right. Make it your sugar baby rule to always sit close to your date. From the start of the relationship focus your whole attention on him. Whether we are on a planned date or a blind one with my sugar daddy, I have to position myself either directly in front of him or by his side. By being close by, I can steal glances, smile back or even wink at him. It’s my secret way of creating a connection before kissing my sugar daddy. When I position myself within his reach, I capture the attention of my date quickly. To catch the attention of the wealthy sugardaddy is not easy for the first time. Altough she is a good looking girl. Dating a wealthy sugardaddy should be the best moment.

kissing my sugar daddy

kissing my sugar daddy

For instance, by just touching his hands, playing with his hair or brushing off a speck from his coat, I arrest his attention and our eyes interlock. That’s the right recipe to kissing my sugar daddy. During the initial phase of sugar baby- sugar daddy relationship there is the urge to spend more time together. If necessary use your pocket money to buy his favorite movie, cuddle up on a porch glider and enjoy an indoor date. I have found out that creativity and uniqueness make kissing my sugar daddy pleasurable.
Dating a wealthy sugardaddy should be a special event. A rich sugardaddy like girls who have awesome ideas. The sugarbab like to spend time with the wealty sugardaddy

7. Read his body language

In sugar baby dating relationship, you should know how to read the body language of your man. By being keen on his body expression, you should tell whether he is enjoying the kiss or he’s tensed. I usually begin kissing my sugar daddy on a light note and study his response. If my date stays riveted in his position, then I won’t go frenzy with my kisses. But if he leans forward and starts stroking my back or holds the sides of my face, then I follow his leads. An intelligent sugar baby must be keen to study the response of her kisses from his date.

8. Break down your kissing boundaries

When your relationship is flowing smoothly, your rich man provides the allowance, and so money isn’t a problem, don’t limit the number of kisses to give your date. If he is a good kisser and you feel something for your date, then kiss him as frequent as you both enjoy.

Since I know what my date enjoys, when kissing my sugar daddy, I don’t limit my kisses to his lips only. When the timing and the location are right, I let my kisses wonder and explore his body. I have to visit his neck, cheek, eyelids, ears, and feel him squirm back with enjoyment. Since he gives me money to cater for my needs, I in return provide my services whole heartedly without any complaint.

9. Learn to use your tongue wisely

When in a relationship, leading your date for a kiss with your tongue sticking out is a definite turn off. Usually, I begin kissing my husband with my tongue hidden. As my date intensifies the kiss, I slowly open up my lips. If he slides his tongue my lips, then it’s an invitation to shift the kiss towards that direction. As a sugar baby who wants to perfect the art of kissing his sugar daddy, avoid sloppy or wet kisses. A sugar baby must control her salivary glands when kissing her sugar date.

10. Don’t just concentrate on giving kisses, let your date lead

What makes kissing my sugar daddy pleasurable is alternating between whom to initiate the kisses. A sugar baby should have an open mind to not only give but also receive kisses from her date. As a sugar baby who wants to have exceptional kissing skills, at times it is wise to surrender and let your sugar date direct the kissing session. Both the sugar daddy and sugar baby wants to get fully satisfied.

11. Keep it cool and let the kisses flow out

I still recall how nervous I was before kissing my sugar daddy for the very first time. I had many questions racing through my mind. For example, have I mastered the art? What’s the correct procedure? Where should I kiss next after the lips? Once your sugar date has accepted you as his sugar baby, know that you are special to him. So let that fact comfort you. In my sugar relationship, I have learned the importance of being myself before kissing my sugar daddy. When a sugar baby is over excited or nervous before a kiss, it’s written all over your face. So you have to assume a relaxed posture and think about your date. Exercise control over your feelings and let the kisses flow out naturally. Enjoy the session because nothing else matters.

Sugar girls must dress smartly and look neat. Use a part of the money you get from your sugar daddy to stock your wardrobe. Your wealthy man is investing money heavily in you. You have to, therefore, look neat and kissable before his business counterparts. I know it’s important to smell fresh every moment I’m kissing my sugar daddy. It’s a way of making my man proud of me.

I want to reap all the benefits of kissing my sugar daddy. That’s why I have vowed to let nothing stand in my way for a great kiss! If anything I’m dating a wealthy man, so money isn’t an issue.