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i’m a sugar baby

I’m a sugar baby – Lets talk!

Introduction – I’m a sugar baby.

When somebody says I’m a sugar baby, many things may suddenly come to mind. Why would she want to do that? Isn’t there anything else she can do? Is it even legal? Do the men just want sex? It’s just a phase. Trust me every single person who utters the words I’m a sugar baby to anybody, will have these questions posed to her. In fact before becoming s sugar baby, I’m sure they were posed by myself.

The truth is being a sugar baby has its advantages, and the men who become sugar daddies, are on the whole, ok! This post has been written to give you a little insight into why I’m a sugar baby, and to show you that it is actually a very fun way of dating. The sugar way is unique, exciting, and at times it is so full of luxury, you never want it to stop.

So let us get straight to the point, you may want to say I’m a sugar baby yourself, after reading this!

I’m a sugar baby – Let me tell you why

So as you know by the quick introduction, I’m a sugar baby. I certainly did not grow up thinking this is what I wanted to be, but when I actually looked into the idea of sugar dating, it was a very attractive concept. Sugar dating is all about having fun, and living in the moment. There is a very small chance of finding a sugar daddy and falling in love, but the odds of this happening are low. People get into dating the sugar way for fun, and a lot of the time, for their own benefit.

Take the actual dating scene. Sugar daddies do have a bit more money than your average men out there. This straight away gives them an extra luxury in life. Men who become sugar daddies often have a little bit of extra time on their hands, and it is this time and money which attracts women. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want time and money spent on them?!

So men with more time and money, who actually want to spend this on women, is actually an attractive idea to me. This is why I can now proudly say I’m a sugar baby. It is something that has taken some getting used to, especially telling friends and family I’m a sugar baby. When I explain that the whole sugar relationship, is based on the men and women getting what they want, they do kind of understand.

i'm a sugar baby

i’m a sugar baby

I’m a sugar baby – Lets talk men, women and sex

Now I find that it is easier to split this section into three, and tackle one at a time. It is easy to say I’m a sugar baby, but I do not know everything there is to know, about the sugar lifestyle. These are a few things I can tell you though about men, women and sex, and sugar dating.


So the idea of a sugar daddy. I have to say the men who become sugar daddies, most of the time are great. It can be quite hard to find a sugar daddy you connect with, but this is a gambling game, the same as it is in any single relationship. Every single sugar daddy you meet will be extremely different, and they all have different reasons for becoming sugar daddies.

The good thing is that these men are often quite confident, so that means that they will tell you exactly what they need and want, most of the time. This makes being a sugar baby much easier, as there is not much of the guessing game, that most relationships have. This is especially true at the beginning, as a sugar relationship can feel like a business meeting, if you decide to talk about what is expected of both parties.

Most of the sugar daddies though will act like proper gentlemen. They know that for women to want to say I’m a sugar baby, they need to get their expectations met too. It really is a unique type of relationship to have. If you meet the right sugar daddy then you have a fantastic companion, and your dates will be thoroughly enjoyable.


A lot of women partaking in this lifestyle, sometimes do have trouble saying I’m a sugar baby. A lot of the time this is because, even in these modern times, sugar dating still does seem to be a bit of a taboo subject. When I first became confident saying I’m a sugar baby, some people did look at me funny, and asked me the questions I put in the introduction.

Most of the women who are sugar babies, (yes we are called sugar babies, or babes – not that it’s a great name but there you are), are fantastic. They all have a good story about why they began their sugar journey, and they also will all tell you their own struggles in being confident enough, to say I’m a sugar baby.

Sugar babes are a friendly bunch, and as sugar dating is so much fun, if you get chance to get together with any of these women, you can guarantee laughter will occur. Women are great at talking any way and sugar babies certainly have a lot to talk about. The dates, the men, the sex, the struggles, the luxury, you name it, women talk about it.

The great thing is that now I’m a sugar baby, I have found some great avenues to meet these fantastic women, as the internet is an amazing resource. There are web sites you can visit, and chat rooms you can take part in, where women will share their own hints and tips, and the good thing is people understand you. These women are all happy to shout out I’m a sugar baby, and if they are not confident to do so, then they will be soon, with all of the support on hand.


I’m a sugar baby and if people are confident to ask me questions, sex usually plays a part. In fact most people want to know about the sex. The first thing to say is that there is nothing illegal about the subject. Sex between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby, is the same as it would be with any couple, in a sexual relationship.

In fact sex works exactly the same. There is no definite rule on when to have sex in a sugar relationship, it just happens when it feels right. This could be on a first date, or it could happen months into the relationship. In fact sometimes, sex may not happen at all, as some sugar relationships are simply about the companionship. I admit not many, but it can happen.

Sex is a very natural thing to want, and sex can be a very important part of the sugar relationship. As I have already told you, sugar dating is all about the here and now, and fun. What can be more fun than sex?! Ok so I am sure you could maybe tell me hundreds of things here, but there is no denying it that sex can be fun. Sugar daddies and sugar babies know this, and as with any relationship, sex should be spoke about.

I’m a sugar baby – Is it easy to do, and how do I get started?

So you are ready to say I’m a sugar baby, but you are not really sure where to even start. The first thing to say is that the internet is a wonderful place, and it can make connections happen very quickly. The following steps will give you an idea, on how to get your own sugar journey underway.

Think about the why.

Before you go into the sugar dating world, you need to really understand why you want to do it. Why exactly do you want to say I’m a sugar baby? Make a list of things about your personality, that may suit the sugar lifestyle. Then write down reasons why you want to do it, then why you think you would be good at being a sugar baby.

Find a sugar daddy website.

The internet is great, and there a good number of web sites dedicated to sugar dating. Have a look around, do your research, and find one you want to join. Some of them are even free to join. By joining a website you can be put directly in touch with sugar daddies. You never know, there may even be one local to you.

Create a profile.

Any website you join will ask you to create your own sugar baby profile. You need to make sure this is great, and reflects you as a person. This may be what a potential sugar daddy first sees about you, so make sure your profile is strong.

Select a sugar daddy.

This is a hard step to make as you never know what somebody is going to be like, until you meet them in the flesh. Remember if for any reason you meet your sugar daddy and you do not like them, then you can move onto the next. Both sugar daddy and sugar baby can break off a sugar relationship.

Get your answers ready.

The second you tell anybody I’m a sugar baby, you will get questions put your way. Make sure you know your answers, and you will feel much more confident in telling people. They may ask you about the sugar daddies, why you have done it, about the sex, about gifts or money you may receive, and maybe how to get into it themselves?!

Conclusion – I’m a sugar baby.

There you have it, I’m a sugar baby and loving it. It is such a fun thing dating sugar daddies, and the majority of men and women I have met, have been having an amazing time. There is a lot of luxury involved which would not have happened in my life otherwise, and I am thankful to sugar dating for that.

If you are sitting there and wanting to say the words I’m a sugar baby, then you can start your sugar dating journey right now. Go to , which is a good website to start with. You never know where your life may go, and you never know who you may meet. I will say that saying I’m a sugar baby, will mean a lot to you if you decide to go for it.

I’m a sugar baby, and I wish you an amazing amount of good luck in your journey.