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I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now

I’m Nobody’s Sugar Daddy Now – what to do now?

They all say “I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now“, but they all say it differently. The truth is: There is no such thing as the typical sugar daddy. And for every type of sugar daddy, there is the right type of sugar baby.


I’m Nobody’s Sugar Daddy Now: Type #1


I'm nobody's sugar daddy now

I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now

This lonely sugar daddy is sad enough to cry. On the surface, life is perfect. He has money, power, and all the luxuries, but he feels empty inside. What is missing? He is missing the feeling of sharing his life with a young, beautiful woman who needs him.

There is no shame in crying “I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now!” A modern man is in touch with his emotions. The most important thing is for this sensitive sugar daddy to find a warm, reassuring, affectionate sugar baby. This sugar baby can mean the whole world to her sugar daddy. A cold and distant princess will not do.


I’m Nobody’s Sugar Daddy Now: Type #2


This competitive sugar daddy has all the status symbols. He buys every fashionable thing before any of his friends. He lives in the right neighbourhood and drives the right car. But his friends have something he doesn’t have, and that’s a sugar baby. This sugar daddy might think to himself, “I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now”, and realize he’s falling behind in the race to the top of society.

His perfect sugar baby is a fine and precious accessory and he wants to show her off. His sugar baby can never be seen with him looking less than flawless. She is there as proof to his friends that if life is a game, he is winning. Any man there who sees her and thinks, “I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now” is on notice to get himself a sugar baby too.


I’m Nobody’s Sugar Daddy Now: Type #3


This fun-loving sugar daddy lives to enjoy himself. He is first to get to the ski resort and first to buy drinks at the après-ski nightclubs. Usuallz he is also lively and funny. He will play any game and laugh if he loses. There is a party whenever he decides to start one, no matter where he is. But it isn’t fun to do fun things alone.

When this sugar daddy realizes, “I’m nobody’s sugar daddy now”, it might surprise him that he never thought of it before. What he needs is a sugar baby as energetic and silly as he is. She is always ready to ride a zip-line or run around naked in the rain. She is his partner in crime and his adventure buddy. If a sugar baby can keep up with him, life will be a party.