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i’m addicted to my sugar daddy

Confessions of a Sugar Babe: I’m addicted to my sugar daddy

Sugar baby-daddy arrangements are the newest phenomenon in the love and money world. Many benefits come along with dating a sugar daddy. I must admit I’m addicted to my sugar daddy, and I cannot get over it neither do I regret it. My life is more fun than ever; I get more money and love than I ever have from my sugar daddy. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy mainly because of how he treats me and also takes care of me. Here are the reasons that show why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy and not ready to quit sugar dating.

Reasons for Sugar Dating

1. He actively communicates
One of the reasons why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy is because he always talks and keeps our conversations charming. He loves making me laugh and asks intriguing questions about me. My daddy treats me as his number one baby and talks well about me. He lets me shine and always keeps me on stage during our conversations.

2. Always meets my needs
What a sugar baby looks for in sugar dating is more of support. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he meets my needs at all times. Whenever I request anything from him as long it is within our dating arrangement he always keeps his word. A sugar baby has needs that should be met, that is the reason why they will show you all their love and give you attentions when you need it. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he never fails to take me shopping, give me money, sends expensive gifts and presents to me.

3. He is forgiving.
A sugar baby is human and can make mistakes just like any other human being. Sugar dating is just like any love relationship where you might feel offended or let down. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy for his forgiving and understanding heart. I do not make mistakes knowingly and never plan to offend him. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he knows that he is dealing with a young baby who is not as experienced as he is, she can spend too much money at a party, forget to return a call or get too wild. The best sugar daddy should be forgiving and get on with the dating as long as his needs are satisfied.

4. Keeps bygones in the past
I’m addicted to my sugar daddy for his respect of my past life. He knows I have had other relationships before but he does not bother questioning about them. All he is concerned with is me, his current baby and is careful not to hurt me. A sugar daddy might not want his past dug out, he, therefore, should not dig that of his baby. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because we focus on our current dating and avoid past issues. Rather than criticizing my past, my sugar daddy encourages me to make better decisions to avoid making silly mistakes. He does not make me feel ashamed of my past nor make fun of how he met me in a poor condition. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy for his mature personality and will keep on being his baby while getting the best out of it.

i'm addicted to my sugar daddy

i’m addicted to my sugar daddy

5. Has taught me to be independent
A sugar daddy is definitely more experienced than you are and can help you climb the success ladder. He has more business associates whom he can recommend you to and land his baby on a great paying job. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he does not always want me depend on him and always ask for money from him. A sugar daddy should always empower you to be able to stand on your on and even pay your bills. Dating a great sugar daddy can propel you to independence, the allowance he gives you could be just enough to start your next online store, he might even add more if you tell him to invest in your business. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because I owe my success to him, he put a lot in my business and made me an independent baby. I have enough money to finance my life and buy cute heels and dresses.

6. He never lies
I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he always keeps his part of the bargain to his baby. If a sugar daddy lies it can be very hurting to a sugar baby; he should avoid this at all cost. My sugar daddy has never lied since we started dating, if he is incapable of doing something, he always communicates and does not make promises he cannot keep. The truth can hurt sometimes, but this does not mean that a sugar baby should be lied to. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy for his honesty and sincerity; he has kept our dating alive and truthful from the start. Lying creates insecurities, which are not good for any relationship, if you love your baby, never lie to her always be honest and genuine.

7. He is a good friend
A sugar daddy should always have a quality friendship with his baby. Other than just the money and sex, there should be some love and kindness for each other. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy due to the kind of friendship our dating has brought. We talk and call each other even when we do not plan to meet. We give each other a shoulder to lean on when problems arise in other parts of our lives. A sugar daddy could have just gotten out of a divorce and needs someone to spend time with, a friend to call when he is in need. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because our friendship is mutual, he does not just view me as an object to toss and throw around, he values our relationship and keeps it real.

8. He is rich
A sugar baby will seek after a wealthy man who is financially stable and high up in the social class. A sugar daddy should be one of the best men in whatever industry he works in. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he is stinking rich, he owns some of the best companies that his peers only dream of. He is my male Alpha boss who commands a lot of respects wherever we go. He spends a lot of money on me and buys expensive gifts that a sugar baby could not afford on her own.

9. He is a sharp dresser
One of the reasons why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy is his sense of dressing. He knows that a sugar baby is still young and does not want to be associated with men who have no sense of fashion. My sugar daddy has a style of his own and great taste of dressing. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he always looks great beside me. My sugar daddy always has a great haircut, awesome ties for his shirts and fashionable shoes. He has never scored low on dressing since we started dating. My sugar daddy has a personal stylist who understands his body perfectly when it comes to making him look younger. Some sugar daddies are not good at dressing; they can make a sugar baby not want to be seen in public with them. However, my sugar daddy is excellent in dressing; he always looks a million bucks even when casually dressed.

10. He is very educated
It is very unlikely for a sugar baby to get attracted to a man who is not educated. Young women are ambitious and want to be associated with people more educated than they are. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he does not only have money in his wallet but also brains in his head. He knows more than just stock market and sports. Moreover, my sugar daddy is well informed on other fields other than just his company. He always has something to say about food, wine, media, politics, finance art, and other current affairs.

11. He is a gentleman
Being a gentleman is certainly what attracts a sugar baby to an elderly rich man. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he is a gentleman and very kind. He is very enchanting and charming; he lets me finish whatever I have to say, he never ignores anything I say no matter how petty it might seem. He pulls out the chair for his baby at restaurants; he opens the door whether in the hotel or his car. Most sugar daddies can be loud mouth insecure and very uncouth, which may make a sugar baby walk away. However, I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he is nothing of the kind to bad moth and talks dirty. My sugar daddy excuses himself whenever he wants to leave or answer his phone in a gentle and polite manner; he has never walked out on his baby since we started dating.

12. He is physically fit and has a great body
Many elderly men forget to take care of their bodies. It is common to encounter fat hairy weak looking men in dating sites and apps. Rich men can access the best gyms for fitness and even keep a healthy diet to maintain their muscles and look more energetic. Fitness is another reason as to why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy, he is more than fit and looks very healthy. My sugar daddy shaves his body hair that leaves his skin smooth and sleek. A sugar baby does not want to walk around with someone who looks as old as their ancestor due to unkempt hair and beard. My sugar daddy has an attractive beard that is always kempt and wears a sexy cologne every time we meet.

13. He has reliable transportation
A sugar daddy should never make excuses for not being able to travel and meet his baby. There are uncountable planes that he can get a ticket for himself or you depending on whoever is going to meet the other. There no single time should your sugar daddy should cancel your meeting due to lack of transportation, he is a rich man, he should be able to afford transportation cost whether by plane, taxi or bus. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because he has never failed when it comes to transportation, he makes prior plans in case any of us has to travel for us to meet. I have traveled a countless number of times to meet him overseas when he is on business trips.

14. We always spend quality time together
A sugar daddy should be able to meet the needs of his baby. Young sugar babies are outgoing and love to travel. I’m addicted to my sugar daddy because we spend quality time together. He always has spears time out of his busy schedule for us to meet even when he is on long business trips. When we started dating, we agreed on how many times we should be meeting in a month and we have kept our word throughout that is why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy. He always makes me feel special whenever we are together; we have traveled to many places and visited prestigious hotels. A great sugar daddy always has time for his baby and engages her in exciting activities that keep her hooked on him.

I have many reason as to why I’m addicted to my sugar daddy; he is kind, gentle and very rich. I have everything that a sugar baby dreams of when dating an elderly rich man. For new sugar babies, money should not always be what you seek from dating and older man. They sometimes have great counsel that can help you achieve much more other than relying on his wealth. However if your sugar daddy is like mine who spends his fortune on me without spearing, you do not need to look elsewhere. Love can sprout out of sugar dating, but both of you should mutually agree on how to handle it. The best sugar daddy will always be understanding and act maturely should differences arise or in case you begin to develop feelings and fall in love. Although I’m addicted to my sugar daddy, I also know that money, sex is the base of sugar dating, and it can end any time, I enjoy while it lasts.