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I want to date Sugar Daddy!

Have you even thought while you struggle to pay your bills, “I want to date sugar daddy”, I don’t blame you! It is a really good option and will mean you can have all the fun parts of a relationship without the baggage that is often involved. Let’s take a look at what dating a sugar daddy consists of, so you can see if it’s right for you.

I want to date sugar daddy – the details

Sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships are increasing in popularity and that’s because they are mutually benefit for the man and the woman. The (usually older) guy will wine and dine his baby, in addition to buying her gifts and even giving her money. I want to date sugar daddy? Yes, it’s all sounding pretty positive so far! You might be wondering what the guy gets from this, well it really depends.

i want to date sugar daddy

I want to date sugar daddy – what he wants

All sugar daddies require different things from their babies. Some just want a friendship, some want a “fake girlfriend” for big events that they might be going to. Some sugar daddies want a romantic relationship without the sex but many want a sexual relationship with the younger girl in their life. I want to date sugar daddy? You need to be aware of the expectations. What you do is of course entirely up-to you. Why not go on a few dates with this guy and see where it leads? Some of these older guys are actually really attractive and you might develop sexual feelings for him.

I want to date sugar daddy – things to remember
– Even though you are in control of this relationship to an extent, don’t lead him on. If you know he wants sex from you and you continue to make him think he has a chance even though you don’t plan on doing it, stop! This guy has feelings and if you are not willing to go that far, tell him now so he can find what he is really looking for.

– I want to date sugar daddy but make sure that you are always safe. When meeting up with a new, potential sugar daddy – always meet in a public place at first and trust your gut instinct if you feel that something is wrong.

Now you see what i want to date sugar daddy is all about, it should help you decide if it is right for you. There are pros and cons to this kind of arrangement, so both need to be considered before you come up with a solid decision.