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I am Sugar Daddy

I am sugar daddy – be my sugar baby

I am sugar daddy and will tell you why I prefer younger women. As a single businessman, I decided I was interested in a mutually beneficial with young women a few years ago and I researched into daddy/baby relationships. It promised a cure for my loneliness and this was really appealing to me. I am sugar daddy now and I’m going to talk about how it works for myself and my babies.
If you consider becoming a sugar daddy, ask yourself why this is? If you simply want a girl to have sex with in exchange for many, then maybe an escort might be more suitable for you. I always have an emotional connection with my babies. Although we do have sex, the relationship means more to me than that. Be aware that not ALL sugar babies are willing to be intimate. Make sure you talk to them about this before you meet in person. You should meet the right one for you simply by browsing and messaging several women. I am sugar daddy and I became successful at what I do by keeping my options open.

I am sugar daddy – why I prefer to date younger women


I am sugar daddy and I started finding the right babies for me by signing up to a suitable website. was the one I went for and I would never use another. It’s free to join, it has the most sugar babies than any other site. It also operates all over the world. It’s really easy to use the website and contact girls that you are interested in. Since I travel a lot and I am sugar daddy, I take my babies away with me when I go to different countries.

I have a total of three women currently who mean a lot to me. In addition to being my babies – they are my friends. They appreciate my generosity and never take anything for granted, which is what I recommend looking for in a baby. You should always be respectful of your sugar babies and reward them accordingly. Do not take their services for granted!

I am sugar daddy and I highly recommend using the mentioned website to meet women in your area. This lifestyle has transformed my life for the better, I am no longer lonely. I get all the perks of a normal relationship, without any of the downfalls and this is why I am sugar daddy and will keep doing this for as long as possible.