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How to find a Sugar Daddy online

Have you been thinking of how to find a sugar daddy online? You are not alone. Lots of sugar babies know how to find a sugar daddy online so why not you? A sugar daddy is a rich guy who enjoys a good life. Travelling, holidays, shopping, fine dining and all the good stuff with a pretty younger woman of his preference. In return, you get your rent, student loans, tuition or any other payments you may need to be settled so you don’t have to worry about them. Or maybe you just want to travel and see the world with a gentleman who spoils you without having to worry about the travel expenses. If these sound good to you, let’s get you to meeting your sugar daddy from around the world. Here is how to find a sugar daddy online.

How to find a sugar daddy online

How to find a sugar daddy online: Know where to look

a) How to find a sugar daddy online by registering with a sugar daddy dating site.
There are lots of sugar daddy dating sites out there so find a genuine site like and create an account. You are looking for a sugar daddy so where else are they. However, you have to be careful with this because, at the end of the day, it is the internet and there are scammers everywhere.
The good thing about knowing how to find a sugar daddy online is that sugar daddy dating site allows you to state clearly whatever it is that you want so that you can find someone who is looking for the same thing. Here are some things you should keep in mind when learning how to find a sugar daddy;

• What kind of person are you looking for? It goes without saying that you have to know what you are looking for before you start your journey on how to find a sugar daddy online. Yes, you are looking for a sugar daddy but what kind of sugar daddy are you looking for? Are you looking for someone in his forties, fifties, married, has kids, widowed, divorced or is it any older man willing to spend money on you.

• The next thing is why you want a sugar daddy. What needs do you have that you want your sugar daddy to fulfil? Do you want paid holidays, fancy events, and money? And if it is money then how much do you want on a monthly or weekly basis? What needs do you have that you want your sugar daddy to fulfil?

How to find a sugar daddy online

And how to find a sugar daddy online with your online profile;

• How to find a sugar daddy online using your Appearance.
This is really important on how to find a sugar daddy online. Your face is the first thing your matches see. You have to look the part. Look like a sugar baby. Older men are attracted to youth so have a picture or pictures where you look young. Not too much make up on, and wear clothes that are appealing and sexy but you don’t want to be mistaken for a prostitute so keep it a little modest.
Be happy. Smile, laugh even. A sugar daddy is looking for a bubbly girl who will bring some joy to his life not a sad face with all the problems in the universe. And besides, everything a sugar daddy does is to make his sugar baby happy, so, be and stay happy. Always.

• How to find a sugar daddy online by making clear whatever it is you want.
State very vividly what kind of relationship you want. Is it a no strings attached relationship where the two of you are just seeing each other but there is nothing exclusive, is it a mutually beneficial relationship where you are seeing an older man who in turn mentors and supports you? Are you seeking a short term relationship of 3, 6 or 9 months or do you want a pre-negotiated arrangement where there are set expectations and boundaries?
Whatever it is that works for you, put it out there.

• Next on how to find a sugar daddy online is saying what you have to give.
It is important to focus on what you need but it is also important to tell these men what you have to offer in return. A man is willing to give away his hard earned money here so tell him why he should give it to you.
Still, on how to find a sugar daddy online, know your sugar baby allure. You are not the only sugar baby out here looking for a sugar daddy, so you want your sugar daddy to know there is a need in him that only you can fulfil. Of course, you have to realise that you are not going to attract all sugar daddies in the dating site but you want to attract your type of man. Understand what is that makes you stand out from everyone else, that would make a sugar daddy want to have you.

• Another tip on how to find a sugar daddy online is building anticipation
Most men on the website will not read your profile. Make them want to read it, give your profile headline that will leave one curious. Tell them what they want to hear but do not be too direct. Hold back a little bit to make them curious. Awaken an emotion in your potential sugar daddy that will make him want to know you more.

b) How to find a sugar daddy online by looking at regular online dating sites.
Something else on how to find a sugar daddy online is looking at other dating sites. So maybe you don’t want to make it too obvious that you are looking for a sugar daddy or let’s face it, you are embarrassed about it. You can as well go to a regular dating site and find the kind of man you’re are looking for. Here is how;

– Dating sites have filters, use them. Look at his salary bracket or what he does. This will give you an idea of how much he makes, which in turn will tell you how much he is able to spend on you.

– Look at what the man is looking for. Does he want a woman for the company and in turn he can spoil her, is he looking to find a woman to spend the rest or his life with or does he want just a casual thing?

– Go through your sugar daddy potential’s profile on the dating site and see if he is your type. His age, looks, interests and even hobbies. Look at his photos even. Does he have expensive hobbies? Does he wear expensive clothes, does he take vacations to different countries? If he can afford these, he can afford to be a sugar daddy.

How to find a sugar daddy online

How to find a sugar daddy online: Be patient in your search

It is not obvious that you are going to like the first guy who is interested in you.
Even the best sugar daddy dating sites have scammers who are just there to waste your time and you might not be able to tell a scammer from the word go. Especially if you are in a hurry to find a sugar daddy online. Some of the men on these sites will just lead you on with the promise of taking care of but in the end, they are just out to get sexual favours and give nothing in return. So be very careful and look for the small signs when learning how to find a sugar daddy online.
You could even go weeks if not months without finding any matches you like but this should not discourage you. You will find someone. Just keep checking your messages and be patient.

How to find a sugar daddy online: Deliver
So, the last step on how to find a sugar daddy online. You have set up good online profiles with perfect photos and amazing descriptions of yourself, you have waited it out for a short or long time, and all then finally, your type of sugar daddy responds to you. Sends you a message that he is interested and would like to know you better. What do you do? What do you say after you created so much anticipation, how do you woo your sugar daddy? Here yo go!

• So after your potential sugar daddy shows interests and sends you a message, the first thing you want to do is continue your sugar baby allure that you had on your profile on the replies that you will send back. Keep the image that they already have of you from your profile, depending on what you put up there.
Know how to find a sugar daddy online by being interactive, ask your sugar daddy some things you would like to know and at the same time make him feel like you are genuinely interested in what he has to offer and ready to give him what he wants in return.
This is your chance to know your potential. Get to know who he is and understand him as an individual, know what he is missing and what he is interested in finding. His hobbies and favourite activities. Build some trust.
This is also the point where you qualify your sugar daddy. Can he afford you or not?

How to find a sugar daddy online

• Next tip on how to find a sugar daddy online is to come up with results you would like to attain.
This can be anything you want really, but here are a few things you can consider.

– Any beautiful girl knows how to find a sugar daddy online but how will you keep your sugar daddy interested in only you? You can try to boost his self-esteem, do a lot of reading so you that you give an impression of being an intelligent lady. Men love someone they can hold a conversation with, and if you don’t know something, ask him to explain it to you. Have a good sense of humour, be a good conversationalist and listen, be happy and smile always but do not be shy to show your vulnerability and much more.

– How will you ask him for what you want when the time comes?
So this is a topic that you should bring up at the beginning of your relationship. Remember to be kind and use a friendly tone. Do not in any way be demanding.
Also, be very clear about what you want and why. If it is money you want, explain how much you need and for what. Be it for your tuition or a new handbag. Make him understand your needs.
When your sugar daddy gives you what you ask for. Appreciate it, and him.

How to find a sugar daddy online

– How do you keep the relationship going over time?
This, however, depends on the kind of arrangement you are looking for. Do you want a short-term or a long-term arrangement? By being sincere kind and thoughtful toward him and other people around you will definitely catch his eye.

– Depending on how generous your sugar daddy is, how do you make him give you more?
Just be open to asking for what you want but also be reasonable about it. Remember you have to justify it. You can start small and gradually go up. Are your meetings more frequent than they used to be or do you just want to upgrade your lifestyle? All men like to feel needed so don’t be shy.

This is how to find a sugar daddy online. Put these tips to use and your journey on how to find a sugar daddy online will be a success. Don’t be desperate in your search. Men call smell desperation from a distance and once they do, they run. Remember, you don’t need a sugar daddy, you want a sugar daddy. Stay safe and have fun!