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Where to find rich sugar daddy

Where to find rich sugar daddy – the best places to look for a date

So you have looked at all the popular sugar daddy websites and you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, or, you are registered on a sugar daddy dating site but it’s just taking too long for you to find your perfect match. So what do you do next? Where do you find a rich sugar daddy? I am going to tell you where to find rich sugar daddy

Where to find rich sugar daddy – Golf courses

Where to find rich sugar daddy

Where to find rich sugar daddy

Men who have the time to go to country clubs and play golf are going to be rich ones because lots of business negotiations and deals happen on a golf course. The sugar daddies at a golf course are probably going to be much older so if you don’t mind getting an older sugar daddy then this is the place for you.
Best times to go are late afternoons on a working day or late mornings on the weekend. These are the times when men who run businesses will go to the golf course. So, a golf course is where to find rich sugar daddy.

Where to find rich sugar daddy – Charity events

Another place where to find rich sugar daddy is a charity event. Rich men go to a lot of charity events and galas to give away money they do not have anything else to spend on. However, these rich men are not going to attend these events alone. They will have some company that is not always his girlfriend or wife. Most of the time it will just be a date for that day and that’s it. Be sure to get a feel of the guy to know if the lady he is with is an escort or his woman.
You obviously want to go to a charity event dressed to impress. Hair, nails and makeup are well done and a beautiful dress. In short, stand out. Look attractive, not slutty. Be bubbly, bring your personality, talk to people, network, and just enjoy yourself.

Where to find rich sugar daddy – Business districts

A restaurant in a business district is where to find rich sugar daddy. Go during the weekday. Lunch time. This is when men with money take a break from work to go eat at a local restaurant. Investment bankers, CEOs and so on.
Remember to go into the restaurant by yourself. Look sexy but professional. And do not sit the bar. It makes you look like a prostitute and who is looking for a prostitute during lunch hour? Get a table, order something small to eat and ask the waiter to take away any other plate settings on the table so that it looks like you’re alone. If you notice someone looking at you, look back and smile!