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find a sugar daddy for me

Simple tricks I’ve used to find a sugar daddy for me

Sometimes, a woman just wants to find someone who will take good care of her. Sometimes a man has lots of money and prestige but fails to get the affection he needs. Sometimes one hand washes the other, and the best things in life happen when opposites attract in blissful dating. These are the times when a lonely woman is brave enough to say “I’m interested in dating and I will find a sugar daddy for me”. This article will focus on such matters of the heart.

find a sugar daddy for me

find a sugar daddy for me

I happened to find a sugar daddy for me without really looking

I remember the time before I managed to actually find a sugar daddy for me. Initially, I spoke of it but often, but it was merely a personal joke… something I would say to my friends to provoke them while we were chatting in the salon or during girls’ night out. “If only I could find a rich guy for dating… someone to take care of me, it would really make my life simpler. If only I could find a sugar daddy for me, I’d be a happy woman”. Then we’ll all laugh and tell all kinds of silly jokes… you know how girls are when they’re by themselves.

It started as a joke, as many great things in life do. I never really set out looking for daddies, but I enjoyed chatting with random people on the Internet. I often struck friendships with girls and guys from all walks of life, and occasionally I also found romance in dating websites.

At first, I wasn’t really serious about the idea of trying to find a sugar daddy for me, but around that time I met a nice middle age man online that sparked a connection. He was a wealthy local business owner who seemed very unhappy in his 20-year marriage and was looking for some extramarital dating. He told me his wife despised him and only put up with him because they had kids and he made for such a good financial cushion. He seemed to really adore his wife, but she had grown extremely cold towards him over the years. Eventually their marriage became a hollow institution which they both hung on to simply for practical reasons. They were sleeping in separate rooms and dating other people when we met.

find a sugar daddy for me

find a sugar daddy for me

Anyway, I never outright told him my dating goals revolved around trying to find a sugar daddy for me. We just started dating regularly after getting to know each other online and getting drawn to one another during long chat sessions. At the time I was struggling financially but I was a little too proud to admit it. So when he started offering gifts to me – expensive gifts – I kept refusing and pushing him away, telling I didn’t want his gifts or his money and I was no commodity that he could put a price tag on.

It was actually him that reassured me by telling me how it was no big deal and he just wanted to express his feelings by offering some nice gifts, since he really enjoyed dating me. After a while, I relaxed and changed my mind… after all, daddies do like to take care of their girls, and he was a bit older and much wealthier than me. True, he was only some guy I’d recently met online, but I still had a strong feeling that he was a decent person. Little did I know I was about to find a sugar daddy for me.

So as things turned out I did find a sugar daddy for me without really looking. I mean, I kept joking about it to my friends, but I wasn’t actively thinking about ways to go out dating with daddies. Maybe it was my subconscious mind that drew me towards an older guy who also happened to be rich. Maybe I have always had a thing for daddies and I never realized it… who knows?

The truth of the matter is that we had a lot of fun together over the course of two years of regular dating, and during this time I never realized “this is it – I did find a sugar daddy for me”.

find a sugar daddy for me

find a sugar daddy for me

During this time he kept offering me all kinds of presents and eventually started giving me an allowance for “personal expenses”. He told me he liked seeing me nicely dressed up and looking my best, and he was perfectly content to throw money my way to help make it happen. He also told me he didn’t want me wrinkling my pretty face trying to think hard of ways to earn a little bit of cash to support myself… he would much rather just support me and let me focus on staying pretty. That was one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me.

Eventually, we did drift away for multiple reasons which I can’t exactly pinpoint. In part it might have been his wife that started growing jealous of our connection; in part, I started getting attracted to a younger and adventurous guy, and he probably just felt like switching up to another girl after a while. So after a while, our romance seemed to cool off a bit and we started meeting fewer times each month, then only every other month and as time went by the connection just faded. We’d just grown apart and went our separate ways, but I still get a note from him every once in a while. I still hold a soft spot for that guy in my heart, and sometimes I go back to the website where we first met. I will go there whenever I want to find a sugar daddy for me. Whenever I feel like enjoying a different kind of romance.

How do I find a sugar daddy for me Online?

If there are any girls reading this who also like daddies and enjoy meeting people online, the question may arise: “Will you help me find a sugar daddy for me”? I actually get this question a lot from girls who are close to me and know of my romantic escapades. And I always tell them the same thing: the best way to find daddies online is by not trying to find daddies.

What I mean is that girls shouldn’t focus so much on finding daddies online, but rather on making connections with the right people. Stop obsessing over how you can “find a sugar daddy for me”. If you simply focus on the potential financial benefits you may get, you are bound to only come across guys who want to take advantage of you and throwing some cash at you to let them use you. That is not what dating daddies is supposed to be all about! For that kind of thing, there are prostitutes available, and that’s an entirely different ball game.

Anyone who seriously wants to “find a sugar daddy for me” should focus on getting to know the right kind of man. But never put the horses ahead of the cart! Just try to get to know that man and understand his emotional needs, rather than trying to make a business out of romance. If you simply do that, you’re guaranteed to be taken advantage of and discarded sooner than later.

fina a sugar daddy for me

fina a sugar daddy for me

Things to avoid while trying to find a sugar daddy for me

Here’s a pro tip for dating sugar daddies: there is no point in sitting around saying “find a sugar daddy for me, would someone please find a sugar daddy for me? How can I find a sugar daddy for me, oh lord!”? Just like with anything worthwhile in life, you have to go out and fight for what you want. If it’s daddies you want, get online and find a good dating website that’s known to connect daddies with girls looking for romance.

When you are exploring such a website, here are some things to watch out for before you get serious about dating anyone. First and foremost, you should try to get a feel of any guy you’re interested in online before you start talking about dating. Only fools rush into love, and when it comes to on-line dating one should be particularly careful as you never really know what kind of person is on the other side of the screen. However, you should be able to minimize risks by really getting to know any daddies that interest you before setting up a real life meeting.

You should always beware of daddies who seem too pushy or eager to start dating before they get to know you. That is a good sign they’re interested in only one thing, and it’s not your affection. Likewise, be suspicious of any guys who are too eager to impress you with their riches and power. Only posers feel the need to act that way. Men who are genuinely rich and powerful do not feel the need to be so upfront regarding their riches. Anyone who’s reading this thinking “find a sugar daddy for me, please” should really keep this advice in mind, otherwise, they may be in for unpleasant surprises.

What I learned while looking to find a sugar daddy for me

This may come across as a surprising statement, but I did learn a lot during the times I was dating all kinds of guys until I would find a sugar daddy for me. To begin with, I learned there really are a lot of sugar daddies roaming around on dating websites. But most of these guys are not just looking for casual sex – if that were the case, they could easily find it in other places, even in the real world. What these men really want is to find consistent romance with a woman they value and respect.find a sugar daddy for me

If you can come across as that kind of woman, they won’t hesitate to shower you with gifts. But if you come across as a gold digger, they will easily figure it out and turn the tables on you. Does that make sense? You can never, never just go out and say “hey, I’m here trying to find a sugar daddy for me”. Never be upfront about that!
Looking back at the times when I succeeded in my aspirations to find a sugar daddy for me, there was a common pattern taking place: it started as a friendship that gradually evolved into admiration, then affection, and naturally presents started pouring in. Never once did like a needy girl, and in fact I suspect if I had done so, my success rate would have been much lower.

The truth of the matter is that guys who will fit your ideal profile when you’re out there thinking “how can I find a sugar daddy for me” are usually emotionally needy guys who have extensive material riches but still lack satisfaction. They need something they know money can’t buy – which is true heartfelt affection from a woman they can look up to and admire. So that it what you should focus on if you want to get in on the game. Be that woman.

You need to be an amazing, inspirational, sexy woman if you want to draw the attention of rich daddies. And if you think all it takes to fit the bill is sending out some photos revealing your scantily clad figure, you’re wrong. You won’t get the attention you want if you market yourself as a piece of meat. You have to push the full package and show that you’re a worthwhile woman who is out of reach for most guys, regardless of who they are or what their fortunes happen to be.

Hopefully, this advice will help you achieve your aspirations. Stop lurking around online trying to figure out how to “find a sugar daddy for me”. Go look into the right websites and get involved with the right guys. Take it easy and showcase your great personality before you start showing the physical goods. You need to always focus on giving affection rather than asking for money, and with that kind of attitude, you simply can’t go wrong.