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Definition of Sugar Baby

Definition of Sugar Baby – What it really means

Many people have heard of a sugar baby but many aren’t sure of the actual definition of sugar baby. A lot of people like to define this term in the same area as prostitute but this isn’t true. The definition of sugar baby is an easy term to define and when you class yourself as a sugar baby or you have a sugar baby it is good to know the meaning. If you are thinking of considering yourself a sugar baby or if you are just curious then read on below to find out what the experts definition of sugar baby is.

Definition of Sugar Baby – common misunderstandings

Definition of Sugar Baby

Definition of Sugar Baby

We talked to the experts, the people in the know and we got the real definition of sugar baby. Basically a sugar baby is someone who looks for an older companion to support them. The older companion is classed as a sugar daddy and supports the sugar baby financially and materialistically. The sugar daddy looks for a younger companion just for company. Maybe he also looks for love and for a simple friendship. Depending on what the two people arrange between themselves they can live together like a couple. However, many just see each other when it both suits them. There is no rules to this type of relationship and people mistake a sugar baby as a prostitute. This is because in effect for affection they gain something for themselves in return. Don’t be mistaken, a sugar baby is NOT a prostitute. She is simply someone who looks for a relationship with someone older, richer and more experienced. In the dictionary the definition of sugar baby is simply a term for sweetheart. A figure who has a financial and romantic interest in an older figure.

Defining the Meaning Sugar Baby: Are You A Sugar Baby?

If you aren’t sure whether you are a sugar baby or not then think about the factors which bought you and your partner together. Think about the financial support you get and think about the age difference. There is nothing wrong with being a sugar baby. In fact many younger women today look for an older companion to fulfill their needs in life. This is perfectly normal and a part of the twenty first century which people shouldn’t look down upon. If you want a sugar baby then think about all the advantages you can gain. Companionship whenever you need, a partner in crime when you have no-one else, someone who can accompany you to your business meetings and important work events and well, a pretty face next to you supporting all that you do.Are you satisfied with our expert definition of sugar baby? Read our other posts to find out more helpful information about sugar babies and sugar daddies!