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become a sugar babe


I want to become a sugar babe


Why would I want to become a sugar babe? This reminds me of the old Mrs Merton skit “so tell me why you married the millionaire Paul Daniels”. So I have to sleep with a wrinkly old bloke and all get in return is to be showered with gifts and never want for anything? Think I can cope with that.

Don’t you dare judge me! You might not want to become a sugar babe and you may think ill of me because I want to become a sugar babe but that is my business and not yours. I know what you are thinking about me and I don’t care. We are all whores and you know it. How many times have you given a shag to your old man for a birthday present? Yeah, thought so.


How I will become a sugar babe


I’m not stupid. I know that I need to be perfect. I’ve invested in a personal trainer (he trains me in more ways than one, amazing what a discount you can get when you allow yourself to be wooed by a hunky, toned and vigorous young man) and I’ve continued reading around following my degree. Body and brains, I know what they want.

I knew I wanted to become a sugar babe when I was a student. I thought it would be worth dolling myself up and hanging around in the poshest bars to meet the kind of men I wanted.I did but the problem is that the type of men you meet in a bar are after only one thing and they know how to get it. I hadn’t set out to become an escort but when you get offered £2000 for a night’s work it is hard to refuse it. I paid off my student debts with just a few trips out to the local hotels.


When I become a sugar babe will I cope?


I’m not going to become a sugar babe overnight and I am going in with my eyes open. I am looking for love and I want more than a one night stand. I’ve a business plan I need funding and I want a life of my own but I still want a partner. When I become a sugar babe I can have both. become a sugar babeThe old blokes I shagged at uni almost ruined me for other men. My personal trainer may well be tight, toned, enthusiastic and very fit but it is a bit like being the ground under a Pogo stick. Old guys have soft bits and may lack the stamina of the young but they really, really know what they are doing.

How will I become a sugar babe?

This is the easiest part. I’ve learned that real sugar daddies hang out on rather than in hotel bars.