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  • A sugar baby’s hip will never lie!

    Sugar baby hips never lie – a guide to your body language Hey you! Remember those situations when you are with someone new and you really don’t know what to do with your hands. Yeah right we have all  been there. But here is the good news: there is a lot you can do with your hands and other parts of your body while on a date. No, you naughty little devil, we are not talking about that yet. Here are a few body language tricks to keep you calm and confident while on a […]

  • Where you hang out totally matters, sugar baby!

    Where to hang out matters Last night I had a sweet potato in one hand and two carrots on another while wandering off in the middle of Sainsbury’s trying to picture myself with the perfect sugar baby sometime in a near future. That is until I realized making it a reality was going to be a whole lot o bullocks as long as I remained in a economy super market in the middle of London. A few articles ago we looked at what you can do to stand out in a sea of options in […]

  • The best shows to have your Sugar Baby SMITTEN

    The uniqueness element for a sugar baby or daddy Have you sugar baby or sugar daddy ever wondered what is it that you are going to bring to the table in such a saturated sea of things to do while on a date? Of course you could spend every single day of your life choosing all different types of activities to  woe your  girl or impress  your man and succeeding  at it. But the question here  is how you do just that and absolutely blow your date away with outstanding display of wit by making direct reference between your dating […]

  • How to date with confidence, sugar daddy.

    Sugaring with confidence, baby! Have you ever thought about what is it exactly that makes you stand out from the crowd when the topic is…Well, actually any topic!  So, being a man or woman, traditional bachelor; sugar baby or sugar daddy type…Whatever you call yourself. The key to displaying what some have so often named “star quality” is in the key ingredient “Confidence”. But it is too easy and simplistic to say all one needs is confidence to succeed in ones endeavors, whatever they might be. It is fair to ask then where does confidence […]

  • Sugar babies: eyes on the most romantic place on earth: Venice

    Ohhh Sugar…I booked our flight again, baby!   Travelling and visiting new places has always been a source of growth and a means recharging your soul. This experience can be amplified when doubled up with a with your partner, whether he o she is a boyfriend, husband or better…. Your sugar Sugar Daddy. That is why we are gonna start right here our „Oh Sugar…I booked it again“ series of articles dedicated to the most sought after destinations on earth.  So we go with our first on the list if lust, eroticism and elegance is what your need:  Sugaring on […]

  • Why a sugar baby should be travel wise!

    Keep the mosquitoes away from your Sugar, Baby! The whole excitement of planning a trip with your sugar baby or daddy is somewhat contagious to all around you. But keep in mind that excitement is not the only infectious topic if you are planning to be a sugar baby fun extraordinaire in tropical countries. The rise of Malaria is still a ominous reality. CNN travel has recently published a list of some of the most jaw dropping  places to visit as a tourist in the sub saharan region. If you are a sugar baby who […]

  • Sugar babies, tips and thoughts of wisdom

    Some sugar baby food for thought   Which of you sugar babies out there would not want a relationship with an intelligent and successful man who can appreciate all your qualities and with whom you could share interests and luscious moments? So who would not want to meet the perfect Sugar Daddy? That’s where mysugardaddy comes in handy! With these valuable simple tips, you could find that one man who’s been waiting for you all along!   Do your research sugar babies We are all different sugar babies and have our innate personal tastes. With […]

  • Sugar baby dating – my safe harbor! Ch 4

    Conclusions on my lifestyle as a sugar baby   …I very often wonder if people, out of human nature, sometimes simply oppose to the achievements a sugar baby because in comparison to themselves they covet the level of effort through which those achievement come about. People should look at each other from the “who they are” and not  “what they do” perspective. I remember reading an extract from a book on law a friend had forgotten in my apartment some time ago. And out of curiosity, while flicking through the pages I randomly spotted the […]

  • Sugar baby – a lesson to be learned! Ch 3

    First steps into becoming a sugar baby    He introduced himself as Ben: – I could not help but notice the terrible state you are in right now. Please don’t blame me if I am moved to ask if you would like to come in. I immediately refused his offer adding I was not  up to what he thought I was, under that bus stop. But somehow, his smile and way which he invited me had already somehow given away his intentions were not the ones I first made them out to be. A good […]

  • Sugar baby Jannet and her secret diaries – Ch 2

    A sugar baby’s genesis   I am the eldest of three siblings from Coventry with caring parents. That is, non of which was a sugar daddy or sugar baby. And this is despite the fact dad has religiously deposited monthly monies into mum’s bank account to date. My father was the type of man who would do everything so his wife and kids had all that would be considered common possessions in the average UK family. We all went into education and led pretty normal lives; I was always at ease speaking and being a […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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