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  • Beauty tips for Sugar Daddies

    Sugar daddy, you may have not yet realized, but your appearance is an asset to you! Through it, you can show the world how successful you are. Below you will find some beauty tips for Sugar Daddies so that you can improve your attractiveness and win the attention of a lot of Sugar Babies. 

  • Have a good glass of Champagne

    Introduction August 4th is the day dedicated to the celebration of Champagne. Would you like to know more about it? In this article, you can learn more about its origin, traditions, how to serve it, to consume it, and who invented this alcoholic beverage. Therefore, you can impress your Sugar Baby at prestigious events while enjoying a glass of Champagne.

  • Lipstick, women’s favorite make-up product!

    No matter if your lips are puffy or thin, large or small, they will always look amazing with your favorite lipstick!And speaking of lipsticks, did you know that on July 29th , the most popular make-up product celebrates its day? Every woman has at least one in her purse and usually many more at home. Colored or nude, glossy or matt, it doesn’t matter! It can be a lipstick but also a gloss, lip balm, lip tint… In short, everyone can find one that suits her taste!Nowadays women love dark and intense shades. The juicy […]

  • Virtual Love (VL) – Future or already Present?

    The 24.07. is a very special day – a day, which might not be well-known to everyone. Today is the day of virtual love! Yes, you heard right, there is also a day for that. It originated exactly 14 years ago, with the reason that couples, who got to know each other on a single exchange, are open to it and celebrate this day. MySugardaddy has summarized for you the most important facts and information about virtual love, as well as the technologies of the future. We wish you a lot of fun! Internet and […]

  • The Apple of Love (A Lovestory)

    To please your lover The apple of love is a perfect gift to find your Sugar Baby to please you. This delicious pastry shop has a legendary and romantic story. The apple of love is often found at festivals, fairs and fairgrounds. You can buy it as a sign of love or romance. What is the apple of love? Today the apple of love has a completely different meaning than the legend. It is a sweet made from fresh apple covered with a layer of cooked sugar. The caramelized fruit is stuck on a wooden […]

  • Bikini Fashion Trends in 2019

    The long-awaited summer has arrived! Finally, we can wear lighter clothes and enjoy a beautiful experience on the beach, lake or river. On these occasions we as women want to be always in fashion and look beautiful. And which swimsuit gives us more sensuality than the popular bikini. With it we can stand comfortably under the sun and get a real tan. And since World Bikini Day will be celebrated tomorrow, July 5th, we’ll give you a brief overview of this season’s bikinis and which one suits you best. Find out here which bikinis will […]

  • The best holiday destinations for the rich and beautiful

    Who doesn’t love summer? – Hiking, lying on meadows, sniffing the scent of flowers, feel the warm wind on your skin, be outside until late at night, look out to sea and drink white wine. Here you will find the best holiday destinations for exigent couples.

  • Happy Sugar Daddy’s Day!

    On June 20th we celebrate the national Sugar Daddy Day! Today it is anything but unusual for a man to have a much younger partner at his side. Also, the society become accustomed to men with a much younger lover. But how did you see the relationship of a Sugar Daddy to his Sugar Babe some years ago and who was the first known Sugar Daddy? In this article we have written everything about the Sugar Daddy Day.

  • Loving Day

    Loving Day: Let us celebrate the freedom to love in all its forms Is there anything more beautiful and important in this world than love? No, that’s why we’re going to talk about that great feeling in this article.

  • Aphrodisiac: eat aphrodisiacs for a hot night

    Would you like to spend a hot night with your Sugar daddy or Sugar baby? To fulfill his wildest desires? In this article, you will discover foods and drinks with amazing aphrodisiac properties that will allow you to spend a crazy night with your partner.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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