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  • Different Easter traditions around Europe

    Easter is finally here! You can feel it in the air! With supermarket full from chocolate eggs houses full from floral decorations, it can’t get unnoticed. Yet, although this holiday is widespread throughout Europe, each country has it’s own traditions to celebrate it.Some of these traditions are rather strange and not very pertinent with the Christian meaning of Easter. In fact it is known that Christianity tried to make compromises with the newly converted communities, by giving a Christian meaning to already existing feast days.In this time of year almost every population celebrated spring as […]

  • April Fools’ Day: The importance of humour

    The 1st of April is celebrated in many parts of the world as a “joke day”, which is a great opportunity for all of us to laugh a little.

  • Spring-summer Fashion Trends for Men 2019

    These are the fashion trends for Men‘s! We often assess and condemn people on the basis of their appearance! – Or not? But “Inner values count!” it is said again and again, how much do we stick to it?

  • The fashion trends of spring-summer 2019

    It is March 20th and we can already smell the aromatic flowers and listen to the sweet song of the birds. The grey winter days are over. This means spring has begun. Our mood improves, we feel more energetic and want to enjoy nature.

  • Dating sites: Why can’t you live without them anymore?

    Imagine! You are a full time employee and want to find a partner with whom you can share your life or simply have a good time. Addressing people in clubs or at parties is not your strength and your circle of friends has been the same for years. In reality, these difficulties are more common than you can imagine. So today more and more people are turning to the internet to meet other singles. This way you can expand your possibilities, speed up the time and consciously choose your partner. 1. Why are dating sites […]

  • March 8th – International Women’s Day

    Equality since 1911 – thanks to International Women’s Day The annual day has it’s origin in the land of unlimited possibilities. On the occasion of the National Assembly election in St. Paul’s Church in Frankurt, the words of Louise Dittmer “It is true that there is much talk of freedom for all, but one is accustomed by the word ‘all’ to understand only men”, started the first legendary steps towards equality in 1848.

  • Day of Compliments: The wellbeing of the people is emphasized. People!

    Who doesn’t like to be admired? Well, everyone likes that from time to time. Beloved people around us, friends, partners or even work colleagues, tell us beautiful or positive things. However, compliments aren’t just about phrases that are associated with our look: about how good we look today or how beautiful our hair looks. We can also concentrate on the personality aspects of the people who are best suited to us or give them recognition, i.e. tell them which areas they master very well. Therefore, March 1 is the day of compliments when we can […]

  • Beard Styles Trends for 2019

    Beard is accessory that defines the style of a man, helps him to change the shapeof hisfaceand to cover the skin impurities. Like any other aesthetic accessory, the beard is influenced by fashion.For this reason we are now going to take a look to the biggest beard trends for 2019! Stubble If you prefer a sober look with a very short beard, or with hairs found in certain points of the face, such as above the lip and on the chin only, then2019 is your year!In contrast to the past years, characterized by a growing […]

  • The most beautiful Christmas markets for a romantic trip – Part 1 of 2

    The most romantic period of the year Let’s be honest, do you think there is any other time of year with more romanticism in the air than Christmas? Certainly there is Valentine’s Day, when restaurants are bursting with couples and the shops are filled with everything to remind people of the wonder of love. Yet this atmosphere, often too commercial, could never compete with the one that is created by streets decorated with lights in gothical days of December. And if you  want to impress your Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy, why not take advantage […]

  • How to go about choosing the perfect Christmas gift

    Oh boy talk about anti climax! I was filled with “hoop dee doo” Christmas joy on my way out from Harrods getting into my car with my overly impatient driver – ok not overly impatient, it took me three hours to find just the right perfume for my dear sugar baby – only to roll down my car window and sniff the very same scent out in the air coming from a bystander. That got me thinking: hm a bit of previous research would not have gone totally amiss. But would it be possible to […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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