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  • Women’s Empowerment: What does it mean?

    In the past few years, Women’s empowerment has been an absolute trending topic. But even though most people have heard about it, only a few know what is really about. That’s why I decided to explain it here with several practical examples so that everything is clear once and for all. Let us begin with the meaning of this expression.

  • 5 Date ideas for busy people

    Do you have the feeling that everybody is always busy and in a rush (yourself included)?! Maybe because it is not only a feeling but a fact. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 44 hours per week. And for some industries, like health care and technology, the weekly working hours can add up to 60. With so much time spent at work (and in transit), most people hardly have time for a good night’s sleep, not to mention for a date. So thinking about that, we gathered some ideas of […]

  • Blind Date – Tips to make your date a success

    Nowadays, almost every single person seems to be searching for a partner online. In this context, blind dates become very relevant. So that the appointment does not turn into a failure, we prepared some tips for you. Our advice will help you to conduct a successful and relaxing date. Additionally, we will show you how to break the ice with the proper elegance required in the Sugar World.

  • Loneliness and Health

    Human beings are social beings. I think that is clear to everybody. But what some of you may not know is that loneliness is actually bad for your health. Recent research has provided evidence on how relationships can positively affect health and correlate to the prevention of diseases. Curious to know how? We tell you.

  • How to make an Open Relationship work

    Oh, look if it isn’t the trending relationship. It is undeniable that the open relationship is becoming more and more common in the past years. However, before boarding in this trend with your partner, you must ask yourselves some questions. What are your opinions, expectations, and fears considering this kind of relationship? Are you really compatible with it?

  • How to really beat relationship boredom

    Let her/him – who never felt bored in a relationship – cast the first stone. Hm… I guess we have a ‘problem’ here. I mean, this person does not exist, does she/he?? And that is perfectly fine. So the thing is, how to get away from this feeling in a relationship? “It’s pretty simple!” – One might say – “Spice things up with an unusual activity! Go on an adventure, do something new with your partner, right?!” WRONG! Scientific evidence shows that the most general idea on how to beat relationship boredom might be mistaken. […]

  • Heart – A Symbol of Love

    On September 29th, more than 120 countries celebrate World Heart Day. This holiday aims to raise people’s awareness of vascular diseases and their treatment and prevention. For this occasion, we have prepared for you some exciting facts that confirm that love is not only a beautiful feeling but also a cure! The heart is not only a vital organ of the body but also a symbol of love. And the question is why? Does it mean that a person in love has a healthier heart? Let’s find out…

  • Sugar daddies answer: Does experience matter for you when choosing a Sugar Baby?

    Many girls want to join the Sugar Universe but end up not doing so because they fear their lack of experience may prevent them from finding a Sugar Daddy. So we went straight to the source and asked some Sugar Daddies what they think about that. In the end, does experience really matter for them or not?? Let’s find out together…

  • Milan Fashion Week September 2019

    September: the month of fashion Did you know that September and February are recognized worldwide as the months of fashion? During these two periods, the most influential fashion events of the world take place in 4 different cities, also known as the Big 4: Milan, Paris, London, and New York.

  • Friday the 13th Dating Tips

    Spend a memorable Friday the 13th And again we have a Friday the 13th, the unluckiest day in the Gregorian calendar. The superstitions behind this date are so strong that only in the US it has been estimated a loss of around $900 million in business on this day. The reason is that many people are so consumed by fear, that they refuse to get out the bed, leave their houses, travel, go shopping, etc. But contrary to all expectations, we still think you can spend a great day. The secret is to have someone […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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