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Are Sugar Dates Good or Bad

Are Sugar Dates Good or Bad

The issue of sugar dating has polarized the public opinions,
attracting supporters and critics alike. In addition, a number of
Websites have been developed to assist in linking up sugar
daddies with sugar babies. Such Websites enable individuals to
complete create their profiles with their personal information so
that they can find others with similar interests. The main
question is: Are sugar dates good or bad?

Are Sugar Dates Good or Bad or are they Merely

Are sugar dates good or bad is a question that
has puzzled many people for a number of years. Critics of sugar
dating are not concerned on the issue regarding are sugar
dates good or bad
, but rather regard it as a form of
prostitution. To them, sugar dating fits the legal definition of
the term prostitution because it of involves the exchange of sex
for money. In addition, sugar dating involves the exploitation of
underage girls often referred to as sugar babies by older men.

are sugar dates good or bad
Are Sugar Dates Good or Bad: Relationship Experts’ Perspective

If a question “are sugar dates good or bad?” is
posited to relationship experts, majority of them will attest
that sugar dating has negative psychological effects on the sugar
babies. In contrasts, supporters of sugar dating could respond to
the question on whether sugar dates are good or bad based on the
financial gains and great vacations associated with it. In
particular, sugar babies would claim that sugar dates are good
because it would facilitate them to pay off their debts,
especially college fees, and enjoy great vacations.

Are Sugar Dates Good or Bad from the Safety perspective

To the general public, this issue (are sugar dates good of bad)
is largely based on the safety of the sugar babies. In this
regard, some people have claimed that using sugar dating sites is
dangerous since the lady has to meet a stranger (sugar daddy) at
the man’s home or in the hotel rooms. In such situation, the man
can take advantage of the lady and perpetrate violence against
her including rape. Some of the sugar babies have reported cases
of rape or attempted rape and other forms of violence agai
them from the sugar daddies.

Concluding Remarks

Sugar dating, which is now increasingly becoming common with the
explosion of online dating sites like, was
once considered a relatively new concept in the past decades.
Regardless of the reasons provided that defame sugar dating
, more
and more young women and men have embraced the concept,
especially in times of financial struggles. In sugar dating,
there is a mutual relationship that is pure, honest and rewarding
to both parties. Generally, this is a perfect relationship and
those ready for it should be free to test the waters.