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Addicted to sugar dating

Addicted to sugar dating – why rich men are seductive

Beig addicted to sugar dating may seem a strange notion, to those not already dating in this way. The fact of the matter is that, a lot of people who do begin to date this way, love it, and at times find it hard to get back into the conventional way of dating. So what makes sugar dating this addictive?

This post will begin to explain to you, just why dating in this way is considered great, by many people. It will also explain why it can become addictive to some, and why people advocate it to others. It will also be explained for those who do not know what sugar dating is, exactly what is involved.

So read on to find out more about, getting addicted to sugar dating.

Addicted to sugar dating? – What is it exactly?

addicted to sugar dating

addicted to sugar dating

The majority of people will have heard about the concept of a sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is generally considered a slightly older man, this can be in terms of who he likes to date. A sugar daddy is also seen as wealthier than the average person. The sugar daddy therefore has slightly more money and time, in which they prefer to spend on, and with someone.

Here comes the sugar babe. A sugar babe is the man or woman, who pursues a relationship with the sugar daddy. They are often younger than the sugar daddy, and like the idea of dating in the here and now.

This brings me on to the idea of sugar dating. For most of it, it is a conventional relationship, and a very valid form of relationship. At the core it is about two people, enjoying each others company, and wanting to see each other again. If they do not get on, then the relationship will not work.

Now I know what sugar dating is, why would I become addicted to it?

Sugar dating can be truly addictive to many people. Here are a few reasons as to why this addiction is experienced.

Well, as briefly mentioned above, sugar dating is a lot about the here and now. It is about enjoying the present moment, and is not often about thinking long term into the future. For this reason, love and marriage are not often in the running, and a lot of people like this aspect.

How it becomes truly addictive though, is because both parties involved in the relationship, so sugar daddy and sugar babe, will be both getting exactly what they need from each other. This brings us onto the contract.


The contract between sugar daddy and sugar baby

Every sugar relationship will have a contract of sorts between sugar daddy, and sugar babe. This is a true attraction for the sugar babes, and why a lot of people partake in this dating style, in the first place. The contract can include many things. The sugar daddy generally has extra time and a little extra money, to spend on a sugar babe. This is because a sugar daddy wants companionship, and often somebody to share this stage of their lives with.

The sugar babe has a lot to offer here, as they are giving up their time and enjoying out of the ordinary experiences, but also they can ask for special allowances. A sugar date could often include fine dining, or the sugar daddy may expect the sugar babe, to partake in some travel. The allowances however are something else, and at times can include money, paid directly to the sugar babe.

The relationship at first can seem like a contract, as both parties specify what they need. This is important for the relationship to work to its full potential. The contract can seem quite formal, but it means that all cards are laid out on the table, right from the very beginning. Who can say their own relationship is like that?! The simplicity of mutually beneficial relationships is one of the reasons why people are addicted to sugar dating.


Mutually beneficial relationships allow for a lavish lifestyle

So above we discussed a little about that the contract between sugar daddy and sugar babe. It is the reason why so many sugar babies are addicted to sugar dating. In fact, it is such an important part of the relationship because it allows everybody to get what they want and need. This shows you that the relationship is extremely mutually beneficial. Everybody knows what they are getting into right from the start, it is fantastic! No wonder people get addicted to sugar dating so easily!

There are no other relationships out there, or ways of dating, which puts such an emphasis on everybody getting what they want and need. There are none as glamorous as being addicted to sugar dating! Or very few if you happen to be very lucky. This mutually beneficial relationship keeps everybody extremely happy, and that’s why so many get addicted to sugar dating.

Sugar daddies offer their babies luxury

With nice restaurants, travel, money and great companionship, it is easy to see why sugar dating can be seen as a luxury way of dating. With all the luxury it’s no wonder women get addicted to sugar dating. The sugar babe is certainly in receipt of all of this, and there have been many stories of sugar babes, travelling all over the world, and managing to pay off debts. Gettig addicted to sugar dating means having a constant stream of income for many.

The sugar dating scene in this way is great, and is usually quite luxurious, because of the sugar daddy and the extra wealth they have. Money can buy you that bit extra, and this is certainly what happens here. It is important to remember that it is also luxury for the sugar daddy. The sugar daddy gets great companionship from somebody who really wants to be there. Many daddies get addicted to sugar dating because they prefer dates with fun young sugar babies.

Great companionship: Sugar daddies spoil their sugar babies

Sugar dating is about having good company, so both parties will be on their best behaviour. This means that conversation will be flowing, both people will look and feel great, and all of this will make a successful and fun dating life. Arrangements are often more fun than traditional relationships, which is why it is so easy to get addicted to sugar dating. However, I would rather be addicted to sugar dating than date a boring, unsuccessful guy!

Sugar daddy arrangements are easy to end

So you are in a conventional relationship, and you want it to end. There is often a lot of heartbreak involved, and divorce is a subject we will only briefly mention. The great thing about sugar dating, is that it is relatively easy to end a relationship, if it is not going anywhere, or either party is no longer having fun.

Both parties can end the relationship at any time, and as it is about the here and now, if it is not fun, then it is ready to end it.

addicted to sugar dating

addicted to sugar dating

All of the above makes sugar dating very addictive. I mean who doesn’t want a bit of luxury in their lives, with a relationship that is all about the having fun?! I know I could certainly get addicted to sugar dating!

So lets get addicted to sugar dating: Pros for both parties.

In this final section, we will take a look at the pros for sugar dating for both parties. Each of these pros, show why this dating lifestyle can make people become addicted to sugar dating.

Sugar Daddy.

1. Dating a younger model. Yes I know this sounds a little cliche, but the idea of dating somebody younger than you, is attractive to many people. And thanks to the hot young sugar babies, daddies get addicted to sugar dating.

2. Companionship. If you find yourself with extra time and money, it is nice to spend that time with somebody. It is so easy to get addicted to sugar dating as we all love good companionship.

3. Fun. This is the main aspect as dates can be fun, and can often be things you wouldn’t do usually. The excitement one of the reasons that make it so easy to get addicted to sugar dating.

4. Having somebody there who wants to be. The sugar babe will want to be there, so will lavish attention on the sugar daddy. Daddies easily get addicted to sugar dating.

Sugar babe.

1. Companionship. Same as the sugar daddy, good company is extremely high on the list. People love to be with other people!

2. A taste of how the other half lives. The sugar daddy being wealthy gives the sugar babe, a bit of luxury they may not have otherwise. For instance fine dining is only something that a lot of us can dream of.

3. Fun. Dating a sugar daddy can be great fun. You can try things you wouldn’t have usually, and potentially have the option to travel.

4. A chance to dress up. Dating a sugar daddy means that the sugar babe must be dressed for the occasion, and be a great conversationalist. Who doesn’t like dressing up!? No wonder a lot of girls are addicted to sugar dating.

5. Allowance. This is a big one, as if an allowance is on the cards, then this is a very attractive thing. Debts could be paid off, gifts could be received, and your life could be propelled in a different direction.

All of the above are only a taster of why people can become addicted to sugar dating. There are so many sugar babes and sugar daddies who have documented their relationships online. These are available to view if you are interested in why people get addicted to sugar dating. It can be hard to go from sugar dating which is fun and rewarding, to then stopping altogether. It is no wonder people can and do get addicted to it. You should ask yourself: After reading about all the benefits, aren’t you also already a bit addicted to sugar dating?

Conclusion – Is sugar dating addictive?

If you are currently sugar dating, then ask yourself the question “are you addicted to sugar dating”? Honestly it is easy to see why the answer to that question, might be yes. Sugar dating is not yet seen as mainstream as it could be, and for this reason a lot of people are still confused by it all. Hopefully this post has now explained to you a little about why people buy into this way of dating, and also a little of why it could become addictive. But is being addicted to sugar dating really that bad? Better addicted to sugar dating than in an unhappy relationship!

Feel free to research more, if your interest has been peaked. It certainly is an interesting way of dating, and one which many people are having great fun with, right now! If you do find yourself wanting more information about sugar dating, then you can start looking at sugar dating apps. Happy researching – you will find it is just too easy to get addicted to sugar dating!